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Honkai: Star Rail Myriad Celestia Trailer shows Ever-Flame Mansion characters

A whole new group of baddies
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A new Myriad Celestia Trailer for Honkai: Star Rail has graced us with its presence ahead of the mobile game’s version 2.0 release in a few weeks and as always with these anime-style videos HoYoverse greatly expanded the lore and character pool of the game. “A Night of Ever-Flame: Scene 33” revolves around the Ever-Flame Mansion, a group we briefly came in contact with in version 1.6 – they were the ones behind the recent chaos on Herta Space Station we helped Asta, Dr. Ratio, and Screwllum clean up.

“A Night of Ever-Flame: Scene 33” introduced the other members of this group and gave us some insight into its next plans – it looks like we’ll see them again very soon in Penacony.

Honkai: Star Rail – Ever-Flame Mansion explained

The Ever-Flame Mansion is a group following Nanook, the Aeon of The Destruction.

However, unlike the Antimatter Legion, the Ever-Flame Mansion has not drawn Nanook’s gaze as of yet, which basically means that they haven’t been recognized by the Aeon as the real deal yet – if you want to break it down more, they’re a group going around causing chaos and destruction all in the name of “please notice me, Nanook-senpai.”

Another known fact is that the Ever-Flame Mansion is a rival of the Jepella Brotherhood, a fellow “unsanctioned” group following The Destruction under the common banner of the Annihilation Gang. We got a glimpse of those guys in a previous Myriad Celestia Trailer, which showed the Stellaron Hunters deal a critical blow to the group on its home world.

Honkai: Star Rail – all Ever-Flame Mansion characters

Honkai: Star Rail Duke Inferno, a man with a skeletal goat head in flames.
Honkai: Star Rail Akash, an extravagantly clad musician.
Honkai: Star Rail Dubra, a demon of shadow and flame controlling the body of a young woman clad in religious attire.
Honkai: Star Rail Caterina, a red-haired woman clad in revealing leather gear.
Honkai: Star Rail Constance, a pretty young woman with horns.

Looks like we can expect the festivities on Penacony to be even hotter than anticipated – in several ways.