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Turns out that March 7th was spot on when she teased Dan Heng about having a mysterious past – in fact, the Honkai: Star Rail character even has a totally different persona up his sleeve. HoYoverse officially revealed Imbibitor Lunae as an upcoming character for update 1.3. This 5-Star character deals Imaginary Damage and follows the Path of The Destruction, adding another source of this damage type to the game.

The character’s official description reads:

“Imbibitor Lunae: High Elder of the Luofu, bearer of the Azure Dragon's legacy, bringing forth clouds and rain, and entrusted with the duty of guarding the Ambrosial Arbor. Revered with the title of ‘Imbibitor Lunae.’ – History of the Xianzhou: The Five Dragons' Exodus”

The name Imbibitor Lunae consists of two latin words: Imbibitor derives from the verb imbibere, which can mean to drink, to assimilate, or to conceive an idea, while lunae is the genitive of luna, the moon. Both the moon and water are prominently featured in the artwork accompanying the announcement of Dan Heng’s 5-Star form.

You can expect Imbibitor Lunae to become playable during version 1.3 of Honkai: Star Rail, but his appearance in the story might come even earlier, because the narrative arc on the Xianzhou Luofu continues in the upcoming update 1.2, which will also bring Blade, Kafka, and Luka into the game as playable characters.

As for who’ll join the fray together with Imbibitor Lunae, it seems like Fu Xuan, who we already met in the story, is a frontrunner. We also know that Yukong will be featured as a free character in version 1.2.

A livestream for the 1.2 version has been revealed to take place during the coming weekend.