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Honkai: Star Rail – Dan Heng build and ascension guide

Check out the best Light Cones and Relics for Dan Heng in Honkai: Star Rail
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Unleash the power of your mysterious past with the best Honkai: Star Rail Dan Heng build and take down your enemies with superior speed. The serious Astral Express crew member is on the Path of the Hunt and deals Wind Damage, wielding his mighty polearm with great precision and power. Despite being a free starter character, he's a very useful unit to upgrade.

Dan Heng’s Skill, Knight Spear Technique: Torrent, deals Wind Damage to a single target. On a Critical Hit, Dan Heng will reduce the target’s Speed by 15% for two turns, which feeds into his Ultimate.

His Ultimate, Ethereal Dream, is another single-target attack causing Wind Damage. A slowed enemy takes more damage from this attack.

Honkai: Star Rail Dan Heng.

Dan Heng's reserved nature hides an interesting past.

Dan Heng’s Talent, Superiority of Reach, boosts his Wind Resistance Penetration when he’s been targeted by an ally’s ability, be it a buff, a heal, or a shield.

His Eidolon levels, gained when you get duplicates of the character, provide additional Critical Hit Rate, Talent utility, and buffs to his slow. The most important one is Eidolon 4, which advances Dan Heng’s next action by 100% after he defeats an enemy with his Ultimate, allowing you to mount another attack immediately.

Honkai: Star Rail – Dan Heng: best Light Cones

The Light Cones for characters following the Hunt are all pretty useful in general, so Dan Heng really has a lot of choice. Since the goal is to debuff enemies and then hit them with the Ultimate, stacking Critical Hit Rate on Dan Heng is imperative.

Seele’s signature Light Cone, In the Night, is a great way of doing that, especially if you can build up some Speed on Dan Heng as well to boost his attack power.

Best Light Cones for Dan Heng:

  • In the Night (5-Star)
  • Sleep Like the Dead (5-Star)
  • Cruising in the Stellar Sea (5-Star)
  • Swordplay (4-Star)
  • Subscribe for More! (4-Star)
  • Return to Darkness (4-Star)
  • Darting Arrow (3-Star)

Honkai: Star Rail – Dan Heng: best Relics

Attack, Critical Hit Damage, and Critical Hit Rate are the important stats you want to boost on Dan Heng. Speed and Energy Regeneration Rate are great to have as well, allowing you to get into the action earlier and activating your Ultimate as often as possible.

Best Relic Sets for Dan Heng:

  • Pioneer Diver of Dead Waters (4) – +12% damage dealt to debuffed enemies, +4% Critical Hit Rate and 8%/12% increased Critical Hit Damage against enemies with at least 2/3 debuffs. After the wearer inflicts a debuff on enemy targets, these effects increase by 100% for one turn.
  • Eagle of Twilight Line (4) – +10% Wind Damage, wearer’s next action is advanced forward by 25% after Ultimate usage.
  • Musketeer of Wild Wheat (4) – +12% Attack, +10% Normal Attack Damage, and +6% Speed.

Best Planar Ornaments for Dan Heng:

  • Space Sealing Station (2) – +12% Attack, another +12% Attack when the wearer’s Speed surpasses 120.
  • Rutilant Arena (2) – +8% Critical Hit Rate, +20% Basic Attack and Skill damage when the wearer’s Critical Hit Rate reaches 70%.

Prioritize the following Relic and Planar Ornament stats for Dan Heng:

  • Head – HP (Primary), Critical Hit Damage %, Critical Hit Rate %, Attack %, Speed
  • Hands – Attack (Primary), Critical Hit Damage %, Critical Hit Rate %, Attack %, Speed
  • Body – Critical Hit Rate % (Primary), Critical Hit Damage %, Attack %, Speed, Break Effect %
  • Feet – Speed (Primary), Critical Hit Damage %, Critical Hit Rate %, Attack %, Break Effect %
  • Planar Sphere – Wind Damage % (Primary), Critical Hit Damage %, Critical Hit Rate %, Attack %, Speed
  • Link Rope – Energy Regeneration % (Primary), Critical Hit Damage %, Critical Hit Rate %, Attack %, Speed

Honkai: Star Rail – Dan Heng: best teams

Dan Heng should be paired up with characters that can buff him, thus activating his Talent, and characters able to slow opponents.

Welt is a pretty great Support character for a Dan Heng team, as he’s all about slowing down enemies, which allows Dan Heng to deal maximum damage with his Ultimate. Bailu, Natasha, or Luocha act as the team’s healers and can trigger Dan Heng’s Talent with their Skills. Having a buffer like Bronya, Asta, Yukong, or Tingyun on board is great as well, as they can improve Dan Heng’s Speed and Attack power further.

Honkai: Star Rail – Dan Heng: ascension materials

Here’s everything you need to know to get Dan Heng ascended to the maximum level and upgrade all of his talents.

Dan Heng requires the following ascension materials to get to level 80 in addition to the necessary XP:

  • Credits x246,000
  • Extinguished Core x12
  • Glimmering Core x13
  • Squirming Core x12
  • Storm Eye x50

You can farm the Cores from Flamespawns and other enemies in Rivet Town and Backwater Pass as well as the Simulated Universe. You can create or exchange them through the Omni-Synthesizer on the Astral Express, too. Extinguished Cores are one of the base materials you can easily generate through the Daily Assignments to your characters, making for a steady income of the material.

Storm Eyes are dropped by the Stagnant Shadow in Rivet Town or gained through the exchange of similarly rare materials. The best source of Credits are the Golden Calyxes found in all regions.

Honkai: Star Rail Dan Heng.

Dan Heng is silent, but reliable in battle.

Dan Heng requires the following materials to upgrade her combat abilities and Traces:

  • Credits x2,400,000
  • Extinguished Core x28
  • Glimmering Core x42
  • Squirming Core x42
  • Arrow of the Beast Hunter x12
  • Arrow of the Demon Slayer x54
  • Arrow of the Starchaser x105
  • Destroyer’s Final Road x12
  • Tracks of Destiny x5

For the materials already mentioned, check above. Arrow of the Beast Hunter, Arrow of the Demon Slayer, and Arrow of the Starchaser are available from the Crimson Calyx in the Outlying Snow Plains. As usual, you can create the high-level materials by using lower-level materials in the Omni-Synthesizer on the Astral Express.

Destroyer’s Final Road is a rarer material only gained from the Echo of War (Supply Zone) domain, while Tracks of Destiny can be obtained during time-limited events, the Embers Exchange, the Nameless Honor, or as a Simulated Universe Points Reward.

For Dan Heng's 5-Star variant, check our Imbibitor Lunae guide.