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Honkai: Star Rail Nintendo Switch 2 hopes nourished by PS5 release date reveal

HoYoverse’s space RPG is a timed console exclusive on Sony’s platform
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Yesterday’s State of Play broadcast had several announcements in store, which you can all read up on in our State of Play September 2023 recap, but the most important for fans of HoYoverse was the reveal of the Honkai: Star Rail PS5 release date: The developer’s anime space RPG is coming to PS5 on October 11, 2023.

That in itself is already great news and was pretty much expected: We tested the PS5 version at gamescom 2023 last month and felt that it was indeed ready to be released, as we stated in our Honkai: Star Rail PS5 preview.

One detail from the reveal caught fans’ eyes, though: Honkai: Star Rail is stated to be a “console exclusive for a limited time” on PS5 alongside being available on PC and mobile devices. It would hardly be necessary to state that the game is a timed exclusive on PS5 if Sony’s platform would remain the only console the game is available on, which immediately led to fans speculating that other versions may be on the way.

Honkai: Star Rail PS5 trailer screenshot claiming the game to be a timed PS5 exclusive.

The hint from the trailer that fans are talking about.

While Xbox Series X|S is definitely a possibility, HoYoverse’s main market, Asia, isn’t exactly the territory Microsoft’s console thrives on. However, with the release of the Nintendo Switch successor, which looks more and more likely to come in 2024 or early 2025 at the latest, on the horizon, the community thinks that Honkai: Star Rail will come out on Switch 2 or whatever the name of Nintendo’s next console will be.

Unlike the Switch, which may not be able to run the game in a satisfactory way due to its limited technical capabilities, this new console will reportedly be somewhere around a Xbox Series S in terms of power.

Genshin Impact, another popular HoYoverse game, was announced to come to Nintendo Switch, but development of this version seems to have stagnated despite the company’s insistence that it was still underway. Again, speculation among the community in this case is that the Switch is simply not capable of running the game as HoYoverse wants it to, but there is no official word on this.

No other version for Honkai: Star Rail has officially been confirmed at this point, so keep in mind that this is all speculation based on the phrasing of the Honkai: Star Rail PS5 trailer embedded above.