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Honkai: Star Rail reveals Sam in The Jepella Rebellion trailer

Plus new fuel for Elio theories
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HoYoverse has released a story teaser for Honkai: Star Rail called The Jepella Rebellion, which is focused on Kafka and the Stellaron Hunters. We see Kafka dragged in front of the Jepella Brotherhood’s court with the judges rattling off a huge amount of crimes the Stellaron Hunters are supposed to have committed. Kafka, naturally, pleads guilty as charged to all of them.

However, she notes that the judges must have forgotten one: the Jepella Rebellion, instigated by the Stellaron Hunters to break out just at this very moment. We see Mad Max-style vehicles plow through the streets of a burning city and a very much free Kafka overlooking the chaos.

Honkai: Star Rail Sam, a robot standing inside a ruined and burning city.

Here's your first look at Sam from Honkai: Star Rail, a robot member of the Stellaron Hunters.

A badass-looking robot stands behind her, admonishing her to stop playing with her food. “I know. Next time,” she answers. This is our first look at Sam, who has been mentioned a few times by the other playable Stellaron Hunters on the roster. His Japanese voice actor was confirmed to be Kasama Jun, though his English counterpart has not been revealed yet.

We’ve now seen all of the Stellaron Hunters aside from their leader, Elio. Or have we seen Elio? The Jepella Rebellion’s ending features a cool shot of all Stellaron Hunters with Sam on the left, Kafka in the center, Silver Wolf and Blade, who both wear some classy outfits, on the right, and that very conspicuous cat that can already be seen on Kafka’s official character splash art on the rightmost side of the screen.

Honkai: Star Rail Stellaron Hunters group photo.

Why is this cat always showing up alongside the Stellaron Hunters? It could be connected to Elio.

People have been speculating that this cat is Elio for a while now and this appearance certainly feeds the theory – why else would it be in group pictures all the time? Even if the cat is not Elio, Destiny’s Slave, himself, it might be a form he can morph into or some sort of messenger in his service. 

In any case, you can watch The Jepella Rebellion below:

Sam is an upcoming character in Honkai: Star Rail, though it’s unclear when you’ll be able to play as the robot.