HoYoverse is coming to Gamescom 2024 with a heavy dose of Natlan

All three flagship games will be in attendance

Update (July 11, 2024): HoYoverse has revealed details about its Gamescom 2024 appearance, confirming that it will bring Genshin Impact, Honkai: Star Rail, and Zenless Zone Zero to Cologne.

It looks like Genshin Impact fans can expect to get some exclusive insight into update 5.0 and the brand-new region of Natlan, which will be released only days after the convention ends. The studio’s booth in Hall 6 of Kölnmesse will be decorated with Natlan-themed assets and feature a statue depicting one of the region’s bosses. HoYoverse also teased that “there could also be more exciting news to come” in regards to Genshin Impact at Gamescom 2024.

Honkai: Star Rail’s convention appearance will be Penacony-themed: Visitors can play Origami Bird Clash and try their gacha luck at the Golden Capsule Machine, among other things. A live band performance and exclusive merchandise sales will be available as well.

Zenless Zone Zero will be prominently displayed at the convention center as well, with a giant Ben Bigger guarding Kölnmesse’s North Gate and a 100 square meter representation of New Eridu. Attendees can try out the title and win in-game rewards or participate in real-life games.

As is always the case with HoYoverse booths, there will be tons of cosplayers to take photos with.

If should also pay off to visit all three games at HoYoverse’s enormous booth: Visitors get a stamp for each title and collecting the entire trio nets them another exclusive reward.

Original (June 24, 2024): HoYoverse is returning to Gamescom 2024 in Cologne, Germany. A plan showing appearances of Zenless Zone Zero, its upcoming urban fantasy action RPG, at expos across the globe in 2024 includes the big video game convention held annually in the city on the Rhine.

Other stations for Zenless Zone Zero this year include Japan Expo, Comic Con International, Gamers Con, PAX West, and Thailand Game Show.

If HoYoverse’s previous Gamescom appearance is anything to go by, the company won’t simply bring a single title and instead present its entire catalog in a giant booth on the exhibition floor – first and foremost its three flagship games Genshin Impact, Honkai: Star Rail, and Zenless Zone Zero.

Fans of the studio’s open-world RPG can very likely look forward to hearing more about the long-awaited update 5.0, which will introduce an entirely new region of Teyvat that’s ripe for exploration: The Nation of Pyro, Natlan. A tribal society living under the aegis of the Pyro Archon, the Natlans coexist peacefully with the native Saurians of these lands.

Update 5.0 is slated to be released on August 28, 2024, if the current schedule remains in place, meaning Natlan will be available three days after Gamescom 2024 ends – so the convention is a perfect place to give players a peek into the upcoming region and its gameplay.

Honkai: Star Rail should be deep in its upcoming tournament arc and version 2.4 at that point, so fans may be able to sniff out some details on update 2.5 in Cologne.

Zenless Zone Zero’s update 1.1 should theoretically come out just before Gamescom, so it’s hard to predict what new and fresh thing – aside from the brand-new game version itself – HoYoverse might have in store for the showfloor.

Aside from the three-headed gacha hydra, HoYoverse will probably have some merchandise in store for fans of Tears of Themis and Honkai Impact 3rd, its line-up of older games, as well. 

Check out the list of confirmed Gamescom 2024 attendants for other companies you’ll be able to find in Cologne this year.

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