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Lady Gaga learns how to spell Fortnite ahead of Festival Season 2

Good timing, seeing as she’s appearing in it

It took five years, but Lady Gaga finally learned how to spell Fortnite, which is handy, since she’s starring as Fortnite Festival Season 2’s icon. The award-winning singer and actress tweeted a teaser of the news ahead of the multiplayer game's new season launch on Feb. 22, 2024, as a repost of her 2019 tweet that almost broke Twitter.

“What’s fortnight,” she asked at the time, before getting 25,000 responses – varying from explanations to silly jokes and everything in between – and nearly 1 million likes.

Lady Gaga’s inclusion isn’t too surprising, even if it is sooner than we expected. Her hit song Poker Face showed up in leaked Fortnite Festival track lists before the Fortnite spinoff launched in December 2023, and Bad Romance is available in the in-game shop as a Jam Track.

What additional Lady Gaga songs might make an appearance and whether we’ll see Lady Gaga-inspired Fortnite skins is still up in the air. Festival does include some unique skins you can’t get anywhere else, so it’s a possibility.

Fortnite Festival is essentially the future of Rock Band, after Epic Games took developer Harmonix off Rock Band 4 and tasked them with building a rhythm spinoff for Fortnite. The concept is almost identical. You take the stage alone or with a group of friends and play covers of iconic songs from the likes of Nine Inch Nails, Florence + The Machine, and U2. You can do it just for fun or compete for high scores.

Fortnite Festival didn’t launch to the same acclaim as Lego Fortnite or even Rocket Racing, but with the likes of Lady Gaga headlining new seasons, its star might be on the rise.