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Lewis Hamilton sent his brother a portable PS4 to play Call of Duty on

That’s brotherly love
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Many of racing series Formula 1’s younger top stars are passionate gamers and even Twitch streamers with reigning world champion Max Verstappen being known to open FIFA Ultimate Team packs before qualifying sessions and complaining about his race engineer’s rating in F1 Manager 2022 over the radio after a race.

Lewis Hamilton, though less outspoken about the hobby, is also no stranger to gaming. He even gifted his half-brother Nicolas Hamilton a portable gaming rig to enable him to play Call of Duty while being trackside. Nicolas showed off the rig in an Instagram story from 2021, which recently resurfaced. The caption accompanying the photo of the hardware reads:

“Lewis Hamilton kindly gave me a portable gaming station so I can still link up with him and play while I’m away racing. Genius!”

The package seems to be a Gaems Guardian Pro and essentially consists of a briefcase with a monitor and space for a console and controllers. It appears that the seven-time world champion added a PS4 Slim to the setup despite the PS5 already being out at the time – a decision that probably was made due to the PS5’s enormous size compared to this trimmed-down form of the PS4.

The game of choice for the Hamilton brothers seems to be Warzone, Call of Duty’s battle royale spin-off – the game is a favorite among F1 drivers with stars like Lando Norris and Alexander Albon sometimes streaming their matches.

Portable gaming rigs are also no rarity among the professional racing crowd with AlphaTauri driver Yuki Tsunoda using a similar setup to play Apex Legends. It’s still a curious choice in hardware, since gaming laptops with more power and less weight were available as well back then. Nowadays a Steam Deck could be another great choice for those participating in the touring racing circus.