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EA has released some data for this year's sports titles, including Madden NFL 23. 

Among other things, the data reveals the players who scored the most touchdowns, the top-performing teams, the most popular matchups, and the most popular legends. 

The stats show that the player who scored the most touchdowns was Patrick Mahomes, followed by Lamar Jackson and Aaron Rodgers. As a collective, players have scored 9.7 billion touchdowns since launch. 

As for the best team, that would be the Kansas City Chiefs, with the Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys just behind. 

The most popular legends are Michael Vick, Randy Moss, and Deion Sanders, while the most popular matchups see the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Green Bay Packers, Buffalo Bills vs. Kansas City Chiefs, and the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Los Angeles Rams.

Basically, everyone loves playing as the Kansas City Chiefs. 

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