Manor Lords update adds a Manor Lady to visitor mode: full patch notes

First patch for the game is now available on the live branch
Slavic Magic / Hooded Horse

Slavic Magic has published the first larger update for Manor Lords, which has been available for Steam users to beta test for a while already, on all digital storefronts, meaning that everyone on Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store, and Xbox Game Pass should now be able to download it.

Patch 0.7.972 has a bunch of important fixes and improvements as well as some cosmetic additions in store, such as additional unit banners, armor variations, and attack animations. Players choosing the female portrait at the start of their run will also be able to visit their town with a brand-new female character model – a Manor Lady, if you so will.

Among the changes made in this update is a pretty big one to internal trade: Instead of relying on Pack Stations and the Barter system alone (though you can still use this), you can now send any goods between your settlements via your Trading Posts, using Regional Wealth as a currency. This is fantastic for players who didn’t like micromanaging their barter exchanges.

A new mechanic has been added to the game in the form of mourning: When someone from the town dies, growth will be blocked for a month as the people mourn the loss. In addition, a yearly tax will be deducted from your Treasury after the update, representing tribute paid to the king.

You can also disallow buildings from setting up their own Market Stalls and force Workshops to respect resource construction reserves, which should keep your Joiner’s Shops and other such buildings from eating up all your planks.

Manor Lords update 0.7.972 patch notes

  • Food Consumption: People now pick a random food resource instead of eating food in a specific order.
  • Crop Fertility: Fertility is no longer drained after crop growth reaches 100%, making early harvest micromanagement less necessary. Yield may still increase over 100% growth if max yield is not reached.
  • Yield Cap: will now never increase past 100% growth to avoid confusion about exceeding 100%. Even when fertility reaches 0%, there will still be a small possible yield.
  • Harvesting Efficiency: When harvesting, crops are directly added to the field inventory instead of the villager inventory to reduce bottlenecks from harvesting walk times, especially for large fields.
  • Oxen Prioritization: Prioritized oxen plowing over transporting resources to the granary and warehouse to reduce oxen walking back and forth from the plowed field every time new resources are available for transport.
  • Plowing Shed: Plowing shed now adds 2 livestock worker slots.
  • Food Distribution: Food-producing residential plots no longer stock up on their produce before sharing with the marketplace.
  • Sawpit Log Storage: Increased sawpit log storage space to 5.
  • Baron Region Claims: Lowered the rate of the Baron claiming regions and adjusted it to better reflect game settings.
  • Worker Camp Upgrade: Removed the worker camp upgrade intended for colony regions; it will be re-added when properly implemented.
  • Trade Route Establishment: When establishing a trade route, merchants no longer all spawn at the nearest trade point but are distributed to circle between various trade points.
  • Archer Damage: Archer damage increased from 4 to 13.
  • Trade Logistics Development: The "Trade Logistics" development branch now lowers the cost of new trade routes by 50% instead of clamping it at 25.
  • Trade Route Costs: Increased the base cost of opening a trade route from 12 to 20 (before the good value multiplier). Reverted the cost of opening new trade routes to linear scaling.
  • Market Oversupply: When the market is oversupplied, players can still export goods at a lower price. The price multiplier for oversupplied goods is now 0.75x for oversupplied and 0.5x for critically oversupplied.
  • Market Oversupply Rate: The rate at which the market becomes oversupplied no longer depends on the value of goods, ensuring equal rates for all good types.
  • Better Deals Development: The "Better Deals" development branch reduces the foreign import tariff by 50% instead of removing it completely.
  • Global Market Supply: Tuned global market supply to rebalance itself faster, aiming for a closer to one-year cycle if not trading.
  • Ale Consumption: Reduced ale consumption by 75% (approximately 1/3 per family per month).
  • Building Placement: Made building placement steepness limits harsher to prevent trading posts and churches from looking awkward on sharp slopes.
  • Soldier Approval Factor: Soldiers no longer trigger the "unburied bodies" approval factor when corpses are in their proximity.
  • Hitching Post: Hitching post is free again to reduce the chances of players getting stuck without an ox, hitching post, or the ability to order an ox.
  • Sheep Breeding: Capped sheep breeding to a maximum of 1 new lamb every 10 days.
  • Water Fetching: Villagers are now only allowed to fetch water from the well nearest to their home, except in case of a fire.
  • Maximum Yield per Plant: Increased the maximum yield per plant from 2 to 4 (Hunting Grounds policy still reduces it by half).
  • Plant Yield Rate: Plant yield rate reduced by half to encourage early harvest only in emergency mode.
  • Militia Squad Limit: The militia squad limit is now 6, regardless of whether the player has a retinue or mercenaries. This will be connected to a rank system in the future.
  • Fertility Regeneration: Doubled the fertility regeneration rate effect on fallow fields and from fertilization.
  • Plant Growth Rate: Adjusted crop growth to match crop rotation (to hit 100% at harvest as often as it can on auto).
  • Tree Growth Rate: Slowed down tree growth rate by around 30% to enhance forest management impact.
  • Trading Post Workers: Increased the carrying capacity of on-foot trading post workers from 1 to 5.
  • Royal Tax Calculation: Royal tax is now calculated as follows: No tax for the first 5 years, 1 Treasury per citizen after 5 years, 2 Treasury per citizen after 10 years, 3 Treasury per citizen after 15 years.
  • Granary and Storehouse Worker Slots: Adjusted Granary and Storehouse Worker Slots: unified to 3 families for level 1 and 6 families for level 2.
  • Mindfulness System: Applied the "mindfulness" system to free merchants to reduce clumps and traffic jams.
  • Trade Location: Moved the location of trades further off the map to ensure space for all trade wagons, even if the trading post is placed on the map edge.
  • Trader Transactions: Allowed traders to make transactions without entering the shed if the trading post is clogged, as long as they are within the general building bounds.
  • Marketplace Logistics: Improved marketplace logistics efficiency and optimization.
  • Market Supply Reset: Reset market supply on loading old saves (from builds 0.7.954-0.7.956) due to mismatched global market supply stock values.
  • Market Stall Workers: Capped the number of workers supplying a single market stall to 2 to reduce market clogs with the increased market supply frequency. The number of stalls is now reduced back to the number of families divided by 5, with a minimum of 1 to ensure functionality in towns with fewer than 5 families.
  • Market Supply Optimization: Further optimized market supply functions for smoother late-game town performance.
  • Trading Post Thumbnail: Added the missing trading post building thumbnail.
  • Trading Post Price Range: Trading posts now display a price range for imports, indicating whether they can buy from other regions or foreign trade sources.
  • Default AA: Changed default AA under DX11 to TAA.
  • Spatialization Update: Added a spatialization update call for recruits teleported home when rallied to ensure proper collision calculations.
  • Follow Mode Optimization: Updated "is close to camera" value in follow mode to prevent optimization of animations or sound effects for characters near the camera.
  • Firefighting Behavior: Made firefighting villagers ignore anti-clogging behavior at narrow pathfinding points.
  • Pathfinding Updates: Minor unit in-town pathfinding updates.
  • Destructible System: Swapped the old UE4 destructible system for a new UE5-friendly chaos-based debris system currently used for chopped firewood cutter logs.
  • AA/Upscaler Selection: Tweaked default AA/upscaler selection during first-time launch for specific GPUs (e.g., RTX properly defaulting to DLSS).
  • Pathfinding Thread: Added another pathfinding thread for handling multiple end-game cities.
  • Harvest Prediction Optimization: Optimized harvest prediction and fertility changes to reduce stutter.
  • Log Display: Limited the log display to store only the last 100 entries to improve UI optimization.
  • Idle Task Optimization: Optimized the function for finding friends to do idle tasks like conversations.
  • Door Opening Animations: Optimized door opening animations.
  • Mourning Period UI: The residential panel now has a "mourning period left" UI element that displays the number of days of mourning until the burgage plot can bring in more family members.
  • Mourning Icon: Added mourning icon to the building floater.
  • Save Restrictions: Disabled the ability to quick save during the game over/victory cinematic. Disabled manual save after being defeated and added a tooltip explaining why saves are disabled. Disabled quick save and autosave if the game was lost.
  • King's Tax Rate Multiplier: Added king's tax rate multiplier to the game setup settings.
  • Victory Camera: After continuing the game after a victory, the camera returns to the player's main region instead of levitating over the map edge.
  • Currency Icon: Unified the currency icon in the mercenary company panel to clarify payment with the treasury, not regional wealth.
  • Accommodation for Homeless: Added an accommodation call for homeless people after a fire, ensuring they are quickly re-assigned to available burgage plots.
  • Family List UI: Aligned "workplace/reassign" buttons vertically in the family list due to most families having more than one member.
  • Font Fix: Fixed old fonts being used in the family entry widgets.
  • Fertility Overlay: Made fertility overlay colors and colorblind symbols more accurate with the percentages displayed in the field's building panel.
  • Building Panel UI: Tweaked building panel header buttons/toggles to improve readability and distinguish buttons from toggles.
  • Market Stalls: Set "Allow market stalls" to ON by default for all workplaces and artisan workshops to aid new players in setting up stalls without confusion.
  • Popup Queue: To avoid popups like "royal tax increase" from interrupting visit mode, they are now queued and triggered after the player returns from visit mode, after around 1-2 seconds.
  • Transaction Popup: When trading between regions, the transaction popup will now display over both trade buildings, depending on which is closer to the camera.
  • Region Borders: Region borders will show under the cursor even if the camera is low, clarifying where region territory ends.
  • Region Calculation for UI: Tuned how "current region" is calculated for the UI to make it more comfortable to build on the edge between two player-owned regions.

For a list of bug fixes and additional changes, visit the game’s Steam page.

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