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One clever, patient fan re-created Toto’s iconic Africa song in Minecraft, complete with special animations and impressively detailed backgrounds (first spotted by Eurogamer). Reddit user Stacinator posted a short clip of their creation in the multiplayer game, minus sung lyrics, presumably to avoid DMCA strikes, made using command and note blocks. The full version is on YouTube.

Note blocks are, as the name suggests, blocks that let you compose and play music, while command blocks give players the freedom to execute chains of actions using any command in the game. The game supports these features outright, so you don't need any Minecraft mods to tinker with them yourself.

You can check the full video out on Stacinator’s Youtube channel, complete with a constellation of a wild dog who's seeking company, Kilimanjaro gradually appearing in the distance, and a cloud that explodes into rain and transforms the arid wilderness into an oasis.

It’s not the first time a Minecraft player used Toto’s song for inspiration. One video from 2018 lets the song play across a range of note blocks with no other effects, while other channels have used the track for parody mashups. Stacinator’s take is certainly among the most detailed, and they said it took three months to get it the way they wanted.

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