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Most popular YouTube streamers of 2022 revealed

Controversial figure tops the ranking
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Aside from Twitch and a few regional alternatives such as South Korea’s AfreecaTV, YouTube is the most popular streaming platform for content creators all over the world. The site has posted a list showing the most-watched gaming streamers in 2022 based on the hours viewers spent consuming their live content.

  1. IShowSpeed – 38.5 million hours
  2. Kuzuha Chan – 27.4 million hours
  3. TimTheTatman – 26.6 million hours
  4. DrDisRespect – 25.2 million hours
  5. Pekora Chan – 23.3 million hours
  6. Ludwig – 22.5 million hours
  7. Windah Basudara – 21.9 million hours
  8. Vegetta777 – 20.9 million hours
  9. Miko Chan – 20.7 million hours
  10. DJMariio – 20.4 million hours

Darren “IShowSpeed” Watkins has landed on top of the list. He was previously banned from YouTube’s rival platform Twitch for “sexual coercion and intimidation” after threatening to sexually assault another contestant on a dating show and calling her slurs. Riot Games has also banned him from Valorant and its other games for making misogynistic comments.

He has not corrected his ways since then, as the latest controversy surrounding him took place during the FIFA World Cup, where he live-streamed himself harassing a Chinese spectator.

The list also showcases the rise of VTubers. VTubers are creators who use animated models as alter egos so they don’t have to show their real face to the cameras. With Kuzuha Chan, Pekora Chan, and Miko Chan three VTubers made the list, all of them streaming only in Japanese.

Three other former Twitch streamers, who are now on top of YouTube, are Herschel “Dr Disrespect” Beahm, known for his raging rants, Timothy “TimTheTatman” Betar, and Ludwig “Ludwig” Ahgren.