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The next Phasmophobia update will reset all your progress when it goes live on PC, but there’s a good reason the ghost game is doing this – and it’s not just a new kind of horror game trick. Developer Kinetic Games said the move is a necessary part of the new experience overhaul, which aims to stagger how often you level up and what you get for reaching new milestones.

“You'll unlock equipment and upgrades in a specific order, and that needs to work from the start,” the team said in a new Steam blog update. “Sadly we cannot translate the new system to the current one, so a reset is the only way to go!”

Kinetic didn't say when the new update will release.

You’ll also get the chance to reset your levels again once you reach a certain point to obtain special badges and a title for your ID card.

The multiplayer game's new update will tweak loadouts as well, making it easier to see what you’re purchasing – and how many of each – when preparing for a mission.

The new custom difficulty options introduced near the end of 2022 proved to be a bit too lucrative for some players. Kinetic is adjusting the money and XP multipliers down so they match the standard rewards more closely and adding a special weekly challenge that grants bonus rewards if you happen to clear it three times. Challenge mode is a no-risk, all rewards affair that won’t punish you if you lose, so there’s no harm in trying it out.

Kinetic closed the blog with a brief tease about mysterious runes appearing on the floor. Whether that means Viking ghosts are next, we'll just have to wait and see.