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Pokémon Go to add six new moves including Nature’s Madness

Tapu family’s signature move indicates upcoming raids
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Dataminers have uncovered six moves that should come to Pokémon Go soon, which gives us an indication of what Niantic is planning to do with the recently announced World of Wonders Season. Among the brand-new attacks is the Tapu family’s signature move, Nature’s Madness. Several Legendary Pokémon got their signature attacks in the ongoing season, such as the Forces of Nature, so it seems likely that the Guardians of Alola will appear in 5-Star Raids next season to receive their own special move.

Nature’s Madness is not the only signature move on the menu: Darkest Lariat, the special attack available to Incineroar, has been spotted as well. This may mean that a Community Day starring Litten is coming up in the next three months.

A flying fantasy monster crackling with electric energy.

The Tapu family can look forward to some upgrades.

Another discovered move is Volt Tackle, which has already been announced to arrive during the collaboration event with the Pokémon New Horizons TV series. This will likely be the opening of the upcoming season and has been revealed during the latest Pokémon Presents broadcast. In the same program, the upcoming Pokémon Legends: Z-A was announced.

That leaves three remaining moves on the list of discoveries: Psywave, Metal Sound, and Sand Attack. These are more common attacks, which don’t necessarily indicate any special events in relation to them. Though they could be part of Community Day events or 5-Star Raid Battles, an addition as part of the seasonal Go Battle League balance update is just as likely – in short: We’ll have to wait and see when it comes to these moves.

These datamined moves and the events they indicate should at least put fears of the community to rest that the World of Wonders Season will be fully focused on Kanto – there is a lot of Alolan influence to be found here, fortunately.

When it comes to the effectiveness of these moves, we can only estimate the PvE side of things at the moment, as the PvP stats are still unknown. Nature’s Madness seems like a strong move that will elevate the Tapu family among Fairy-type attackers. Darkest Lariat doesn’t seem to be as powerful as Brutal Swing, but can easily compete with the rest of the Dark-type line-up.