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Pokémon Contests, competitions featured in the anime series and some mainline games, may be coming to Pokémon Go. The PokeMiners, a group of data miners focused on taking apart the digital intestines of the smartphone game, have found the feature during their tour through patch 0.261.0. They have previously discovered a bunch of new items in the same set of data.

Pokémon Contests in Pokémon Go: what we know

Here’s what we know so far about Pokémon Contests in Pokémon Go.

Pokémon Contests will be held at PokéStops, as they use the same mechanics as Kecleon, Team GO Rocket, and other features that revolve around those points of interest. That also means you’ll have to be in the surrounding area to participate.

Pokémon Contests award loot when they end and it looks like players will be able to compete in several of these events at the same time, though it’s probably necessary to leave a Pokémon at the location of the contest, just like players have to leave a Pokémon at Gyms.

They can happen daily, every two or three days, weekly, or seasonally, though there are a bunch of different restrictions and specifics that can be defined by Niantic.

It’s unclear how they’ll work precisely, but one possibility is that each Pokémon Contest has a certain theme – heaviest Water-types, smallest Pikachus, tallest Alolan Exeggutor, and other stuff like that. As of right now, minimum and maximum metrics seem to be the only ranking system available to contests.

You could then submit your Pokémon according to those rules and when your creature is the one that best fits the category at the end of the contest, you get the rewards. Keep in mind, this is just speculation at this point. We either need more information from the data or an official update to confirm this theory.

Seeing how Pokémon Contests were first introduced in the Gen 3 games and Pokémon Go’s next big event is celebrating Gen 3’s Hoenn setting, we may not have to wait too long to find out more.

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