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Capcom finally announces Resident Evil 4 remake Separate Ways DLC

Ada, reporting for duty

Six months after Resident Evil 4 remake launched, Capcom finally revealed the Separate Ways DLC starring agent Ada Wong – but it’ll cost you. The Separate Ways DLC releases on Sep. 21, 2023, for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, and it'll cost $9.99.

A separate, free update for Resident Evil 4 remake’s Mercenaries launches on the same day, and Resi 4 remake’s PS VR 2 release will be free DLC if you own the base game.

A woman with immaculate makeup, deep red lipstick, and hair in a loose bob, wearing a tight red cardigan dress, is looking pensively to her right

It seems Capcom gave Separate Ways a bit of a makeover as well. The storyline is roughly the same. Ada follows Albert Wesker’s orders to obtain a parasite specimen and confronts Luis Serra and Leon Kennedy, and her vague motivations and ambiguous attitude are as vague and ambiguous as ever. 

However, it looks like this time, Ada gets infected as well. The trailer ends with Luis telling Ada he can tell her infection is advanced just by how her eyes look.

Whether that leads to other endings or perhaps sets the stage for a Resident Evil 5 remake, one with potentially fewer controversial elements, remains to be seen.

Meanwhile Resident Evil 4 remake on PS VR 2 will launch sometime in winter 2023. If you need a refresh before getting started or want to run a new playthrough, check out our in-depth Resident Evil 4 remake walkthrough for everything you need and how to get all ranks and unlocks in Resident Evil 4 remake Mercenaries mode.