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New Starfield update finally adds long-awaited AMD feature

Not forgotten anymore

Bethesda is pushing a new Starfield update into beta testing soon, and it finally adds AMD FSR support four months after the space game launched. Starfield released with Nvidia DLSS 3 support built in, though AMD users or anyone without higher-end Nvidia tech in their computer were out of luck if they wanted a way to upscale framerates and performance.

“We're excited to share that AMD FSR 3 is coming to Starfield's Steam Beta next week!” Bethesda said in a tweet on the Starfield account. “FSR 3 will be available to all PC players later this month ahead of our next scheduled update.”

FSR and DLSS both upscale games by adding extra frames and boosting the framerate without you having to lower graphics settings, and the result is improved stability and better visual quality. While FSR usually achieves lower quality than DLSS, the benefit of using FSR 3 is that AMD’s program runs on software, which most computers can run.

DLSS is dependent on hardware, so if your unit doesn’t meet the required specs, you can’t make it work. Since AMD's FSR 3 is software-based, you can run it on an AMD, Nvidia, or Intel GPU.

Bethesda said it plans to launch FSR 3 support sometime before the next big Starfield update, though what the team has planned for that big update is still up in the air. The most recent Starfield update was a genuine chonker and fixed dozens of quest, visual, and progression bugs that plagued the game since September 2023.

And on top of the regular updates and fixes, the studio is still working on two Starfield expansions, though neither has an anticipated release date yet.