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Starfield update fixes some of the space game’s most annoying problems

It squashes lots of bugs, too

The latest Starfield update, Starfield 1.10.31, is live now, with solutions to some of the Bethesda game’s most irritating problems. The free update is live now for all Starfield players and introduces multiple bug fixes, quest blockers, and very specific problems that could, apparently, make your character spin around in circles if you get up too quickly.

Top on the list of banished annoyances is the fact that using “undo” in the lockpick minigame no longer costs you a Digipick. Wasting a Digipick to undo mistakes was a questionable decision to begin with, considering the prevalence of locked items and the comparative expense of Digipicks made that a massive, so that’s a welcome improvement indeed.

Another handy little update involves the scanner. Previously, you had to stow the scanner away to interact with certain objects, including doors or the items you had the scanner out to identify to begin with.

Autosave pops up when you fast travel between space and a planet, you can adjust the FOV in third-person mode now, and – my personal favorite change – your little space adventurer can finally have expressions in photo mode. Being a serious explorer is fine and all, but when I’m dressed up as some nasty-looking worm monster or whatever, I’d much rather have my hero actually crack a smile or wear a silly expression.

You can find the full list of Starfield update 1.10.31 changes in the official patch notes, though bear in mind the lengthy selection of quest fixes includes a few spoilers.