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How to use Starfield infinite money glitch

And it's legal!

Update (Sep. 26, 2023): Bethesda has released the Starfield 1.7.33 update, which fixes all known glitches that allow players to access a vendor's entire inventory as a lootable chest. If you still want to use the exploit described in this guide and our Starfield puddle glitch guide, you can turn off automatic game updates before patch 1.7.33 installs. On PC via Steam it is also possible to revert your Starfield installation to a previous version of the game.

Original (Sep. 6, 2023): There’s a Starfield infinite money glitch that works almost identically to an old Skyrim glitch, so you’ll never be short on cash. All it takes is a boost pack, some medical supplies, and a bit of good timing. The glitch works in New Atlantis, so you can fill your pockets almost as soon as you start the game, before even setting foot in Constellation’s Lodge. Just make sure to save along the way. A few points are rather tricky with timing.

This guide explains how to use the Starfield infinite money glitch, which YouTuber vNivara first discovered, and how to reset it.

Starfield infinite money glitch – Part 1

Make sure you have at least five Med Packs, along with a Heart and an Amp to help move the process along faster. You should also have your Starfield boost pack skill unlocked and, ideally, at level two.

Travel to Starfield’s New Atlantis city, and head to the commercial district. You face a sign when you first arrive. Turn right, and you’ll approach a ledge overlooking a dam.

A man in a spacesuit is looking ahead at a white stone wall overlooking a dam

Hop or jump down, then run over to the edge. Your goal is the ground on the other side of the dam, so boost jump your way across until you get there.

A man in a spacesuit is standing on a concrete circle overlooking a large dam

Turn right, and run to the edge of the rocky ledge. I recommend saving before moving further. 

A man in a spacesuit is running across a dam, and a yellow arrow is pointing to the right at the path on the other side

On your left is a white stone structure. Hop across it, and jump down onto the narrow stone ledge below. Walk to the end of it, and turn around.

A ledge between a rocky wall and a man-made structure is shown with a yellow circle pointing where the viewer should look

You need to hop down, and boost jump forward through the crack. You’ll fall down a steep dirt hill strewn with pebbles. Make sure to boost before landing so you don’t suffer a sprain. 

A crack between walls is shown with a glimpse at the underside of a building at the end

If you didn’t land near the water, go ahead and walk down there before continuing. If you’re further up, you just run into an invisible wall.

Keep walking forward up the hill, and you’ll eventually reach a point where you start floating. Save your game.

A rocky hill is shown with a waterfall pouring down above it

Starfield infinite money glitch – Part 2

Starfield thinks you’re underwater at this point. Keep floating up, and move yourself between the two rock walls. Don’t touch either, though, or you’ll fall down. Move as close as you can to the rock wall on your right, and start moving forward as soon as you clear the top of it. Your destination is a cleft in the rocky wall at the far end of the area, but you’ll start taking damage about halfway across.

A wide, open space is bordered by a building and a rock wall, with a yellow arrow pointing at a small spot on the other end

There’s nothing you can do to avoid taking damage, so just use your Med Packs before you die. You should reach the other end of the area with room to spare. If you moved too slowly, though, you might be too high to drop into the rocky cleft. Reload and try again if that happens.

Artificial light illuminates a rocky crevice, with a yellow arrow at the top pointing out a path forward that's straight ahead

Once you’re inside and stop floating, boost jump over the ledge in front of you. If you fall, you can walk up against the wall and jump, and it’ll automatically help push you higher to get over the obstacle.

Your next target is the underside of a building and the rocky wall to its right. If you time your next run and jump well, you can leap over the invisible barrier without messing with wall climbing. If not, then drop down, and walk toward the building until the invisible wall stops you from progressing. 

A steep, rocky wall borders a white stone building, with what looks like handholds for climbing

Turn right, and jump up the wall. You’ll walk up it and eventually hit an invisible ceiling. Use your boost jump three times in quick succession to break through it and push yourself over the barrier.

Now you’re in an area behind and under the shops in the New Atlantis spaceport, and as you approach the back of TerraBrew, you’ll notice a chest on the ground. This chest contains TerraBrew’s available credits and the store’s entire inventory. Take it if you want, and then turn right

The orange glass from the back of a coffee shop illuminates a barren rocky area, while a yellow area points out a path on the right side of the screen

Keep moving forward, drop down in the little ditch under the landing pad, and walk to the opposite side.

A large ditch winds under pavement, and a yellow arrow points out a small spot on the other side

Look up, and you’ll notice a technician on the ground and another chest. Save again. Then, use short jumps to climb up the side of the ditch. Jump too high, and you’ll pop up through the landing pad pavement.

Light from a flashlight illuminates a yellow and gray chest in front of you

The chest contains 72,000 credits. That’s quite a haul for one glitch, but you can keep getting 72,000 credits this way if you’re a little patient. It's entirely legal in the game as well, so you won't re-emerge into the city and find yourself under arrest.

How to reset Starfield infinite money glitch

Hop back up onto the landing pad, and then find somewhere to rest for 48 in-game hours. Use your Starfield ship, if the bunk is available. If not, there’s a bench near Jemison Mercantile, just up the ramp from UC Security’s scanning station, that you can sit on to wait.

Speak with the ship vendor at the landing pad to reset his inventory – which, in this case, is just credits – and then go through the glitch process again. You can do this as many times as it takes until you have as much money as you want. Just don’t forget to restock your medical supplies before running it again.

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