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Upcoming Steam Workshop update allows you to set mod load order

Valve is testing some neat changes
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The Steam Workshop has been a revolutionary feature when it comes to making modding more accessible to PC players. While it’s not the most optimal way of modding a game for users who are deep into the topic, it has been a blessing for those looking to spice their titles up in a simple manner. Valve is putting in the effort to make the Steam Workshop even more enjoyable to use with a brand-new update to the Steam Client Beta – so this isn’t live for everyone just yet.

You’ll be able to see which mods are currently being updated and downloaded on the Downloads page in the future. Your Subscription list will display more information on your subscribed items, showing you the last date it was updated, when you subscribed to it, and any mod dependencies they might have – some mods are based on others, requiring them to be installed to function. In most cases the mod descriptions will contain this information, but it’s great that Steam will be able to show this by itself.

Steam logo in various forms.

Valve is working on some neat improvements for the Steam Workshop.

Users will gain more control over the collection thanks to this update as well. You’ll be able to enable and disable certain mods without having to unsubscribe from them, which is a nice quality of life improvement.

One massive win is that you’ll be able to change the load order of mods for a game right there in the Steam Workshop, which can potentially help troubleshoot conflicts between different mods – load order is fairly important. This won’t interfere with the load order set through mod managers that are directly integrated into games or launchers like in the Total War series or Rimworld.

The Steam Workshop’s search function has been enhanced as well, allowing players to save search terms they’re often using.

You can check out the best Total War: Warhammer 3 mods and best Crusader Kings 3 mods on the Steam Workshop, whether you’re using the Steam Client Beta or not.