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Taking on Elden Ring’s bosses is a challenge at the best of times, but one streamer decided to make the task even more difficult by using a 2000s children’s toy as a controller – the Bop-It. Or to be more exact, the Bop-It Extreme 2. YouTuber Swoop Douglas told PC Gamer he was just looking for a way to keep FromSoftware games interesting and settled on the Bop-It.

“I've been playing Souls games for thousands of hours and wanted a unique challenge for the game and after some brainstorming decided combining it with some childhood nostalgia would be the most fun challenge I could do," he said. "I never had my own Bop-It as a kid but a kid in the neighborhood had one and I would always find an excuse to go over and play it."

Douglas posted videos on YouTube and Twitch highlighting his progress in the challenge, which took roughly a month to complete, and the difficulties of getting used to a controller with just five inputs. This was the first time he attempted to defeat every boss in Elden Ring - and he meant literally every boss. 

Along with the likes of Malenia and the Wolf of Radagon, Swoop Douglas had to navigate every catacomb with their strange overlords, all the tunnels and the giant trolls and lizards inside, and take on field bosses like the Tree Sentinel and dragons as well - all without using bugs and glitches.

Douglas started as a samurai and used the Jellyfish summon in the beginning, before moving on to a heavy polearm and Golden Vow as his standard loadout. The part that gave him the most trouble wasn't a specific boss or even getting used to the basic controls. It was the camera.

He got used to that as well, though.

“I had eventually gotten to a point where I felt more comfortable on the Bop-It than a normal controller,” he said. “I think it had to do with having no choice but to use more focus while playing on a Bop-It that made me actually better versus a normal controller. And yes, after this run, I held an Xbox controller and it felt absolutely foreign.”