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Respawn is cooking something for the Titanfall 2 anniversary

Suspicious events in Titanfall 2 and Apex Legends hint at something
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Respawn Entertainment seems to be cooking up something in relation to Titanfall 2 and the title’s seventh anniversary, which is on October 28, 2023.

Over the last months, the studio actively updated the iconic first-person shooter featuring giant mechs after not touching it for several years – matchmaking was fixed, new game modes were put into the rotation, fresh weapons and loadouts were added to the 1v1 mode, and more. At the same time, EA put the game on a big sale, leading to a jump in the player count.

That’s not all, though. Suspicious lines started showing up in the patch notes for Apex Legends, the battle royale title set in Titanfall’s universe for which Titanfall 3’s development was given up. Codes embedded in the patch notes for the game contained references to the release dates of Titanfall, its sequel, and Apex Legends itself.

Titanfall 2 artwork showing himan soldiers battling a titan mech.

Respawn is cooking up something Titanfall-related.

In the weeks since, the suspicious hints have piled up and were compiled by a user on Reddit. There is now a serious body of evidence from cryptic messages transmitted through Titanfall 2 game modes and the game-wide Advocate network (a clan-like structure every player is part of) that clearly hints at, well, something happening on the seventh anniversary of Titanfall 2.

Apex Legends’ most recent Stories from the Outlands trailer even went so far as to show titans in combat.

It looks like the next question we’ll have to ask is what Respawn will do on October 28, 2023, not whether something will happen in the first place. It would look pretty bad now if this was simply a marketing stunt for Apex Legends, so people could well be right in thinking it’s actually related to Titanfall.

Earlier this year, it was reported that EA canceled a single-player project called Titanfall Legends, so it’s not like there weren’t any games of the franchise in production recently.

Respawn is also pretty busy at the moment: Aside from working on Apex Legends, the studio has been pushing out the Star Wars: Jedi series with a third game being in pre-production now, and was revealed to be involved in two other Star Wars games in development. Respawn is leading the development of a first-person shooter in the galaxy far, far away and is assisting Bit Reactor with a strategy game. 

Do they really have the manpower for a sizable Titanfall project as well and could they have kept it a secret all this time? We’ll find out soon.