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Total War: Warhammer 3 Araby mod has custom voice acting for everything

It’s not a desert mirage
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What has once been a pipedream has become a wonderful reality: Team OvN, a group of very dedicated and talented modders, has added a complete set of custom voice lines to its Araby faction mod in Total War: Warhammer 3. This is a brilliant achievement and makes the already great mod stand out from the fray even more, adding an additional layer of immersion and a professional feeling to it.

The OvN Lost Factions: Araby mod on the Steam Workshop fills out one of the holes in the title by adding one of the missing Total War: Warhammer factions to the official Immortal Empires map as well as the Immortal Empires Expanded and The Old World map mods.

Screenshot from the Total War: Warhammer 3 OvN Araby mod showing a djinn in battle.

Some lord wished for Bretonnia to be wiped out and this djinn is complying.

As you can easily tell by the name Araby is Games Workshop’s version of the Arabians – and just like for every other faction in the game, different aspects of their culture have been twisted almost to the point of caricature. It’s always good to remember that Warhammer’s depiction of different peoples is not to be taken seriously in this context. They got some lore and models in the past, but weren’t explored for the Total War series.

Team OvN took the Araby lore in existence and created its own vision of what the faction could look, feel, and sound like in Total War: Warhammer 3. In its mod, you can play three factions of the Araby culture with their own custom mechanics (though they also share a few).

Sultan Jaffar’s Sultanate of Araby revolves around uniting the factions and taking revenge on Bretonnia, Estalia, and Tilea for their past crusades against the country.

Fatindira’s Aswad Scythans stand between Araby and the realms of the Tomb Kings – and players can decide which side deserves their allegiance, giving them unique rewards.

Finally, the Golden Magus is leading The Golden Fleet, a group of pirates. They take some of the Vampire Coast’s mechanics and come with an upgradeable ship for their leader.

Aside from the standard infantry you’d expect, Araby offers units such as war elephants of many sizes, powerful djinns, flying ships, and monsters constructed from living rope, all inspired by the folklore and history of the region.

The fact that the team went through the trouble of writing voice lines for lords and units and having people record them to enhance their mod speaks for their passion and dedication. At the moment you can only have one active mod with custom sound files active at once, but OvN is working on a solution for this. For the time being, Lost Factions: Araby is the best mod to fill that slot in any case.