Winter Burrow trailer puts a cozy spin on survival crafting

And that’s a good thing
Pine Creek Games

One of the Xbox Games Showcase’s big surprises was Winter Burrow, a survival game about a mouse coming home from the big city and restoring their abandoned village. Our intrepid mouse protagonist expected their aunt to greet them, but she’s gone missing, with the village a run-down wreck in her absence.

While you search for answers about what happened to your aunt – the trailer suggests an owl was involved, which seems very Watership Down for a cozy game – you set to work rebuilding houses and bringing your home back to life. You’ll reacquaint yourself with the locals, help solve their problems, knit clothes, bake food, and brave the wilderness for all the materials you need to get life going again.

Comfy clothes and home-cooked food are more than just cozy staples. You’ll need all the help you can get in the frozen wilderness beyond the walls of your village. It’s an inhospitable land filled with dangers, a far cry from your safe, warm house. 

Speaking of that house, Winter Burrow lets you build and decorate your own burrow however you see fit, whether you want to cozymax and create a warm little corner by the fire dedicated to needlework or make your home one big kitchen.

Winter Burrow will launch for Xbox Series X|S and PC via Windows and Steam in Q1 2025.

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Josh Broadwell