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Xbox’s PC Game Pass is coming to Nvidia’s GeForce Now platform in the near future, Xbox corporate vice president Sarah Bond said. Bond made the comments at a roundtable interview that GLHF attended after the Xbox Games Showcase, where she called the move a “wonderful complement” to what Xbox can do with native gameplay in its ecosystem.

“That's one of the reasons why we actually rolled out six partnerships this year with players who are working in that space and who are incubating in that area,” Bond said. The other partnerships refer to Xbox’s commitments to bring their games to other devices and cloud platforms, in part to appease regulators who worried about the Microsoft-Activision deal’s effects on cloud gaming.

“And so we were just thrilled to add that next awesome, awesome benefit for PC Game Pass members and it is all part of just our absolute commitment and long-term strategy to bring together everybody who loves to play no matter how, where, and on what device.”

Bond didn’t say when PC Game Pass will come to GeForce Now, but when it does, subscribers will be able to play any of their PC games from the platform on any device that supports GeForce Now, be it PC or mobile device. Bond didn't clarify whether the Ubisoft and EA Play add-ons will be supported as well, though we assume they will.

While PC Game Pass doesn’t have quite the selection of games that the console version does, all Xbox first-party games launch on the service, including the upcoming Starfield, which releases on Sep. 6, 2023.