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NIS America announces Ys X Nordics release date frame

Almost time to set sail

It’s a busy year for Falcom fans, as NIS America announced the Ys X Nordics release date frame hot on the heels of Trails through Daybreak. Ys X Nordics, which released in late 2023 in Japan, will launch in Europe and North America sometime in fall 2024 for Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, and PC via Steam, the Epic Games Store, and GOG.

The anime RPG's PC version includes Japanese language options for text and audio, though NIS America didn’t say whether it plans to offer similar options for Ys X on console.

Ys X takes us back in time to one of Adol Christin’s earlier escapades, set in the years following Ys I & II. The red-haired adventurer sets sail in the far north and teams up with pirate – and dual protagonist – Karja to stop a feud between the immortal Griegr and seafaring Normans before it spills over into the rest of the world with devastating consequences.

Not that the two have a choice, initially. They become accidentally bound together by a mystical power and stumble into the Griegr conflict on accident while searching for a way to break their ties.

Ys X ditches the previous games’ party system in favor of just Adol, Karja, and the new Cross Action system that lets you control them both and combine their powers in combat and on the field. The power that binds them also gives them some spiffy new abilities. The pair can surf on air, demolish obstacles in their path, and even create new platforms to reach hard-to-find secrets.

Scouring fields and dungeons is only one part of Ys X’s exploration. The other is out on the ocean, as Adol and Karja chart new paths in their trusty vessel Sandras. There’s a hint of the classic Wind Waker Zelda game at play here, as you can discover uncharted islands, find hidden treasures, and even pick fights with other vessels, if you’re brave enough.

NIS America doesn’t have a firm Ys X release date yet, but that’ll likely change in the coming months. The publisher is also launching Trails through Daybreak sometime in summer 2024.