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Apex Legends: Ignite – all weapon and legend meta changes

Ignite will be shaking up the meta with a bunch of weapon and legend buffs and nerfs.

Ignite is almost upon us, which means Apex Legends is about to shake things up more than a snow globe. As well as Storm Point changes and a new legend called Conduit, there are a bunch of weapon meta and legend nerfs and buffs.

Here are all the meta changes we know about coming to Apex Legends: Ignite.

Apex Legends: Ignite weapon changes

Apex Legends Ignite Battle Pass - Rampage

The big changes this season are all about diversifying the mid-to-long range meta, where the 30-30 currently dominates. That means everyone’s favorite rifle is getting a small versatility nerf while most other long-range weapons are getting a little buff.

Here are the changes:

  • 30-30 nerf: hip-fire spread will increase with successive shots.

And the buffs:

  • Projectile size increase for Longbow, Sentinel, and Charge Rifle.
  • Charge Rifle bullet drop reduction.
  • Bocek gets faster draw speed, and a tighter blast pattern on Shatter Caps, which can be toggled off.
  • Turbocharger damage nerf reverted.

Apex Legends: Ignite care package changes

Respawn wants everyone to be scared when a team gets a care package, so there are some significant changes coming to these loot containers for Ignite.

  • Care packages are now guaranteed to have a weapon.
  • The L-Star is returning to floor loot, where it won’t be as strong as it was in the care pack, but will be stronger than the last time it was on the floor.
  • The Wingman is going in the care package and is getting boosted with a damage buff and a modified hop-up: the Skullpiercer Elite.

Crafter changes

This season we’ve got two weapons heading into the crafter and one attachment being removed from crafter rotation completely.

  • The R-301 is going into the crafter.
  • The Volt is going into the crafter.
  • The Digital Threat is being removed from crafter rotation.

Additionally, this season’s gold weapons are:

  • RE-45
  • C.A.R.
  • L-Star
  • Havoc
  • Longbow

Apex Legends: Ignite - all legend nerfs and buffs

The Apex Legends hero image for Catalyst, in which she spreads her hands and arcs a thread of ferrofluid

Catalyst and Bangalore are being nerfed.

This season sees Respawn come for the wallbang meta, hitting Bangalore and Catalyst fairly hard with a big old nerf. There are also some smaller tweaks for other legends. Here’s what we know so far:

Catalyst nerf

  • Her tactical spike’s core will no longer block projectiles.
  • The maximum number of tactical spikes has been reduced from three to two.
  • The throwing range of her tactical has been greatly reduced.
  • The lifetime of her ultimate wall has been reduced.
  • The cooldown on her ultimate now starts when the wall comes down instead of when fired off.

Bangalore nerf

  • Her Double Time passive duration has been reduced.
  • Stun time from her ult is reduced.
  • Her tactical smokes disappear more quickly.

Wraith fix

  • Wraith’s passive voice lines should now more reliably tell you when you’re being aimed at.

Pathfinder fix

  • Pathfinder can get a zip cooldown on care packages that have already been tagged by teammates.

Revenant nerf

  • Revenant’s Forged Shadows can only be extended by three seconds with a knock.

Vantage buff

  • Vantage’s ultimate now charges faster, giving her access to more shots.

Newcastle buff

  • Newcastle’s Castle Wall charges up more quickly.