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Apex Legends Ignite: everything you need to know about Conduit’s abilities

Conduit is the biggest addition coming with Apex Legends' next season

The next season of Apex Legends is almost upon us, and it aims to shake up the meta significantly. Perhaps the biggest addition is the introduction of Conduit, a new Support legend who can keep your shields charged in the heat of battle.

Conduit’s personality is built around her kit of self-sacrifice. With a Filipino-American heritage, she often speaks in Taglish, and her default costume has detailing that hints at her background.

Conduit Finisher Apex Legends Ignite

Conduit is a new Support legend whose kit is all about self-sacrifice.

Her kit is powered by a radioactive titan battery from a Monarch-class machine, and she also houses auxiliary batteries on her hips. The radiation is slowly poisoning her, but she considers keeping her allies in the fight more important than her own health.

Conduit is recognizable on the battlefield thanks to her bright sportswear and halo-silhouette.

Conduit abilities

Conduit is a support legend who reinforces shields, so her official title is Shield Healer. Here’s what her kit can do:


  • Radiant Transfer: Generates temporary shields and refills capacity with temporary shields. Regeneration pauses when the person being healed is damaged. This ability can save teammates from going down, or help people push fights quicker without having to pop batteries. When you use it, it’s always for you and a teammate, but it has a lesser effect on you.


  • Savior’s Speed: Gives Conduit a burst of speed when sprinting to teammates who are outside of tactical range.


  • Energy Barricade: Launches an array of seven shield generators in a line that damages and slows enemies, denying access to wide areas. They’re destructible, and enemies can shoot them out individually to create gaps.

Apex Legends: Ignite kicks off on October 31, also adding cross-progression, changes to Storm Point, and buffs and nerfs to weapons and legends.