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EA Sports FC 24 PSA: You can earn an easy 5,000 XP in Ultimate Team if you’re a Founder

Don’t miss out on those juicy experience points
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Ultimate Team has kicked-off its first season in a great way in EA Sports FC 24, and there's already a huge variety of Objectives you can complete if you want to make some seasonal progress in the game to unlock rewards.

What many players seem to miss is that you can grab an easy 5,000 XP with one simple trick, which is going to allow them to unlock those rewards before they time out. The only requirement for you to do so is being a FC Founder. We’ll explain what it means to be a FC Founder in EA FC 24 and how to complete this objective in this guide, as the game isn’t exactly clear about it. Here is how you can grab 5,000 XP through the EA FC 24 Founder Campaign.

EA FC 24 Haaland.

Look at Erling Haaland's face: He really wants you to grab those 5,000 XP.

Am I a FC Founder? – FC 24

First of all, you'll want to find out if you're a FC Founder. That's a new status granted to people who buy EA Sports FC 24 by November 1, 2023. So, if you did that, congratulations: you're a FC Founder, and you are eligible for a variety of perks and benefits, including the very first Ultimate Team campaign – aptly called FC Founder.

The FC Founder campaign doesn't require activation, but you will want to know which Objectives to complete and how. To do so, go to the Objectives tab in Ultimate Team and select ‘Seasonal’ by pressing R1/RB.

FC Founder will be the very first item. As explained at the top of the Objectives list, you will need to select the FC Founder home kit, equip it, and then win a number of matches in order to trigger it to complete.

How to get the FC Founder home kit – FC 24

If you are a FC Founder, you don’t need to do anything to add the Founder home kit to your club – you’ll just need to equip it. In the Ultimate Team main menu, press L2/LT and select ‘Club’ – it will be the third item in the list. PressR1/RB, select ‘Stadium’, then press X on the ‘Enter Stadium’ option. Here press X to select ‘Club’, and you will have access to a list of items you can edit, such as the badge, ball, team name, and home and away kits.

EA FC 24 Founder kit.

You can find the FC Founder kit among your club's cosmetic possessions.

Once you have picked the right uniform (it's the black one, you can't miss it), you can go play a match to start completing the FC Founder campaign's objectives with your Ultimate Team.

FC Founder Objectives – FC 24

If you want to complete the list of objectives, you can play in any Ultimate Team mode you want – the important thing is that you wear the FC Founder home kit.

Here is the complete list of FC Founder Objectives with their rewards:

  • Play 3 – 750 XP
  • Score 3 – 750 XP
  • Triple assists – 750 XP
  • Brick wall (concede less than 2 goals in 3 different games) – 750 XP
  • Goal scorer (score at least 2 goals in 3 different games) – 750 XP
EA FC 24 Founder campaign objectives.

Here are the FC Founder Campaign Objectives.

These Objectives bring in 3,750 XP cumulatively, with the addition of another 1,250 XP as a reward for completing them all. In total, that makes 5,000 XP.

What is XP used for in Ultimate Team? – FC 24

XP is the currency allowing you to make progress during the current Ultimate Team season – think of it like a battle pass reward track. ‘Season 1: Welcome to the Club!’ is currently underway and features a total of 40 levels, each coming with rich rewards.

Each level requires 1,000 XP to progress through, which means you will need 40,000 XP to complete Season 1. Those 5,000 XP? They net you an easy five levels of progress this season.

These are the rewards you can get from the first five levels:

  1. Rare Gold Loan Rodman (RW, 84) or Williamson (CB, 85) for 7 games
  2. Premium Gold Pack (Untradeable)
  3. Loyalty – XL Tifo
  4. Player Pick – 1 of 3 75+ Rare Gold Players
  5. 10 Rare Gold 80+ Players Pack (Untradeable)
EA FC 24 Season 1 rewards.

EA FC 24's seasonal progression works like a battle pass reward track.

If you want to learn more about how to spend the proceeds of your rewards, check out our EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team Evolutions guide. And if you're more of a Career Mode type, you can find the best Tactical Ideas you should use in EA Sports FC 24 here.