Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Revered Spirit Ash locations

Holy ash, Tarnished

Finding Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Revered Spirit Ash locations is a vital part of standing a chance against the Elden Ring DLC’s toughest bosses. Revered Spirit Ash is the second part of your Scadutree Blessing, the half that powers up your Spirit Ash summons, and without collecting Revered Ash, you’ll watch even the toughest Mimic Tear get cut down within seconds after a battle starts.

Our Elden Ring Revered Spirit Ash location points out where to find every special ash in each of the Land of Shadow’s major areas. It’s a work in progress, so check back for more locations soon.

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Elden Ring SotE: Revered Spirit Ash locations

Revered Spirit Ashes are almost always sitting around on altars, in the lap of a stone figure that may or may not have pieces of itself missing. These altars are usually located around the edge of a given area – the periphery of a town, for example – though Belurat Tower Settlement in particular has them scattered all about the place. You’ll also rarely get them from pot-holding Shades, though they mostly give you Scadutree Fragments.

Elden Ring SotE: Gravesite Plain Revered Spirit Ash locations

A map showing where to find Revered Spirit Ash in Gravesite Plain
That's about three or four upgrades' worth just in the first region / FromSoftware/GLHF

Gravesite Plain gives you plenty of ashes without much fuss, so make sure to explore before taking on the Divine Beast Dancing Lion or Rellana.

  • 1. East of the Cliffside Road Terminus Site of Grace, northeast of Prospect Town
  • 2. East of Scorched Ruins
  • 3. Two Spirit Ash sitting on an altar in the center of the room with two staircases as you enter Belurat Tower Settlement
  • 4. Dropped by the Pot Shade near the covered bridge on the dungeon's upper levels
  • 5. Turn left after crossing that bridge, and you'll find the Spirit Ash altar near a tree surrounded by worshipping (and attacking) Shades
  • 6. On an altar in the room that opens after you defeat the Dancing Lion
  • 7. On the cliff edge at the northern end of the Abandoned Village
  • 8. Near the Ellac River Cave Site of Grace

Elden Ring SotE: Scadu Altus Revered Spirit Ash locations

A map image showing where to find Revered Spirit Ash in Scadu Altus
Tucked away in the weirdest, grossest places / FromSoftware/GLHF

Revered Spirit Ash locations are less concentrated in Scadu Altus, which maybe makes sense given the region's massive size, and there just aren't that many of them in general here.

  • 1. On an altar at the eastern edge of Moorth Ruins
  • 2. In a tunnel in Bonny Village. Follow the path of the dried river.
  • 3. In Shadow Keep's Specimen Storehouse. From the fourth floor, carefully drop down the giant specimens until you reach the shining object on the horned thing near the first floor.
  • 4. On an altar in the Unte Ruins, accessible via the Castle Watering Hole. There's a small trove of Furnace Visage masks to find here as well.
  • 5. On an altar at the entrance to the Village of Flies

Elden Ring SotE: Rauh Ruins Revered Spirit Ash locations

A map image showing where to find Revered Spirit Ash locations in Rauh Ruins
Hope you like hunting Pot Shades down / FromSoftware/GLHF

The Rauh Ruins region is bigger than it looks at first glance, thanks to a sprawling network of tunnels. That's where you'll find half the Revered Spirit Ash locations in this part of the map. The Pot Shades in this area are surrounded by standard pot-holding Shades who don't drop anything interesting. Look for the telltale sparkle to single out the one you want.

  • 1. On an altar at the southern end of Temple Town ruins
  • 2. Drops from a Pot Shade underground. The route is required for getting through the Ruins, so you can't miss it.
  • 3. Under a gazebo, guarded by a Horned Knight
  • 4. Drops from another Pot Shade

Elden Ring SotE: Revered Spirit Ash locations in Enir-Ilim

The final mandatory dungeon has three more Revered Spirit Ash clumps for you to find.

1. Defeat the large Omen enemy in the square with a fountain, surrounded by Omen mages

2. Turn around, and drop down through the crack in the stone bridge. Defeat the human flies, and grab the Spirit Ash from the altar at the end.

3. On an altar past the Spiral Rise. Defeat the Grave Birds on the roof, and move ahead. You'll see another Grave Bird and an Omen mage, the latter of whom is walking up a staircase. Defeat the bird and enter the room behind it, where you'll find the altar.

We'll update with more locations as we find them, so check back soon. Meanwhile, make sure to hunt down Scadutree Fragment locations while you're out and about as well, or these Revered Ashes won't do much good.

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