Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Furnace Visage locations

How to get the formerly fiery face masks

Finding Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree Furnace Visage items is essential if you want to take down Furnace Golems easily – and you do, since they drop new Crystalline Hardtears for your Physik flask. Like with most important items, though, Elden Ring is happy to just let you guess where these handy crafting components might be.

Our Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Furnace Visage guide points out where to find all the Visage items and what else you need to craft Hefty Furnace Pots.

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Elden Ring Furnace Visage locations

Furnace Golems drop Furnace Visages, which isn’t very helpful if you’re trying to craft a Hefty Furnace Pot to take down said Furnace Golem. There are a few other places you can get Furnace Visage items without having to mess with the actual golem, though.

A map image showing Furnace Visage locations near Shadow Keep in Elden Ring
There's a lot of them about / FromSoftware/GLHF

There’s one Visage in the barracks of the Fortress of Reprimand - which you can reach quickly if you skip Castle Ensis - and one on the inactive Furnace Golem out front of Shadow Keep. Face the dungeon, and turn right to see the location. You can find several more in the flooded village near the Castle Watering Hole. You can reach it by:

  • Taking a right in Shadow Keep
  • Moving along the walkway with the giant flame bowls, looking for a ladder to your left. Descend the ladder
  • Turn left, stick to the wall, and enter a tunnel behind the waterfall.
  • Descend another ladder, and enter the room with the painting
  • Turn right, and open the secret doorway in the wall

This dumps you out at the Watering Hole location, and there are roughly six or so inactive Furnace Golems scattered around the location, each with a Visage up for grabs. The image above gives rough locations for them.

How to use Furnace Visage in Shadow of the Erdtree

A Tarnished standing near a destroyed Furnace Golem
Right in the middle / FromSoftware/GLHF

In addition to needing a Furnace Visage, crafting a Hefty Furnace Pot requires:

  • Hefty Cracked Pot
  • Redflesh Mushroom
  • Ember of Messmer

Once you run out of Furnace visage, you’ll have to stick with the weaker Hefty Fire Pots instead. Unless there are more Furnace Golems than we’ve managed to find, though, this should be enough to take all of them down.

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Josh Broadwell