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Forspoken has a heavy focus on narrative, with Frey’s journey as a character being central to the game’s overall themes. Naturally, a solid cast of actors needed to be assembled for a project like this, and some people have recognized these characters’ voices. We’ll tell you the actor behind every major character in Forspoken, and where you might know them from.

This cast is a great mix of actors with a variety of backgrounds. Some have acted in many video games before now, but others are stepping into the gaming world for the first time after a history of starring in TV and film.

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Frey voice actor – Ella Balinska

Forspoken Frey casting a spell

This is Ella Balinska’s first video game role, but she was recently in the Resident Evil TV series and has starred in a couple of films like Run Sweetheart Run and the 2019 Charlie’s Angels.

Cuff voice actor – Jonathan Cake

Forspoken Frey using Cuff

The voice for Frey’s sentient magical vambrace is provided by Jonathan Cake, who has been in many TV shows and movies over the years, but has most recently featured in a recurring role in the Stargirl TV show.

Auden voice actor – Monica Barbaro

Forspoken Frey talking to Auden

Monica Barbaro had a big hit in 2022 with her role in Top Gun: Maverick, but this is her first video game role.

Robian voice actor – Anthony Skordi

Forspoken Robian

Anthony Skordi is a seasoned video game actor, having provided voices for titles like Skyrim, Mass Effect, and Assassin’s Creed over the years.

Olevia voice actor – Tajinae Turner

Forspoken Olevia

Tajinae Turner is still at the start of her career, having her first credited role in 2020, and appearing in various TV shows since.

Johedy voice actor – Keala Settle

Forspoken Johedy

Johedy Klavido is best known for her role as Lettie Lutz in The Greatest Showman and has had a variety of TV roles since then.

Tanta Sila – Janina Gavankar

Forspoken Tanta Sila

Janina Gavankar has appeared in many TV shows, movies, and video games over the years, most recently providing the voice of Sinmara in God of War Ragnarok.

Tanta Prav – Pollyanna McIntosh

Forspoken Tanta Prav

Pollyanna McIntosh is most well known for a recurring role in The Walking Dead TV Show in 2017/2018 but has appeared in a couple of video games too, including Middle Earth: Shadow of War.

Tanta Olas – Claudia Black

Forspoken Tena Olas

Claudia Black is no stranger to acting in video games with roles in Destiny 2, Uncharted, and Mass Effect, just to name a few.

Tanta Cinta – Kendal Rae

Forspoken all four Tantas

Kendal Rae has had a great variety of roles in TV and films over the years, but Tanta Cinta is her first video game performance.