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Fortnite 25.00 got a minor hotfix recently. These usually only serve to fix a few bugs or make minor balance tweaks between the major updates – the first of which for Chapter 4 Season 3 should be coming next week.

There has been one notable change this week though, as there has been an assault rifle switch, with Red-Eye Assault Rifle being vaulted in exchange for the MK-Alpha Assault Rifle being added.

The two rifles are very similar, both utilizing a first-person red-dot sight, as opposed to the slightly zoomed-in third-person perspective that most assault rifles in Fortnite use. The MK-Alpha does less damage per bullet, but it’s higher rate of fire and increased magazine size means its damage-per-second is higher than the Red-Eye.

With Fortnite Ranked being introduced, the balance of that game mode likely plays a part in small changes like this as the team refine the game mode through Season Zero, especially with the first rank reset coming soon.

How to find the MK-Alpha Assault Rifle – Fortnite v25.00

Fortnite MK Alpha Assault Rifle

The MK-Alpha Assault Rifle is a common weapon that can be found almost anywhere. Your best bet for finding one is by opening rare and common chests and checking ground loot. It can come in all tiers of rarity from Common to Legendary, with each tier doing progressively higher damage.