Fortnite: how to complete the Raiding the Rig story quests

A full walkthrough of the Raiding the Rig Fortnite questline
Brutal Beachhead
Brutal Beachhead / Epic Games

With the v30.10 update comes the next set of story quests for Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3. As Hope and Jones continue to asses Megalo Don’s threat, you’ll need to complete some tasks for them to help out the cause, and you’ll be rewarded with XP for doing so. We’ll take you through each quest in this line and explain how to complete them all.

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Get intel from Brite Raider and Rust

Fortnite Brite Raider
Brite Raider / Epic Games

This is straightforward, as Brite Raider and Rust both spawn in fixed locations that are marked on your map when you select this quest. Just talk to them about Megalo Don and you’ll complete this stage.

Collect a Security Card from guards at Redline Rig

Killing any of the NPC guards at Redline Rig, a POI in the Wasteland area of the map, will from a Security Card, pick it up to move on.

Upload data to Hope from terminals at Redline Rig

Fortnite Redline Rig
Redline Rig / Epic Games

At the rig, there are three terminals that will be marked by exclamation marks when you get close. Interact with all three to upload the data Hope needs.

Destroy structures at Megalo Depot or Brutal Beachhead

This is pretty straightforward, just go to one of the POIs named and start smashing the place up. It shouldn’t take long to destroy 20 structures, especially if you use a vehicle.

Damage opponents at Megalo Depot or Brutal Beachhead

Fortnite Brutal Beachhead
Brutal Beachhead / Epic Games

While 500 damage may sound like a lot, the NPCs and bosses at these locations count as “opponents” for the sake of this quest, meaning killing them will let you build up the damage in no time.

Steal the Pandora Gem at Brutal Beachhead

It’ll be marked on your map when you get close, but the gem is on the garage on the west side of the ruined ship.

Deliver the Pandora Gem to Hope

Fortnite Hope and Jones
Hope and Jones / Epic Games

To wrap things up for this questline, visit Hope in the northeast house at Sandy Steppes, she’ll be marked on your map.

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