Hades 2 Charybdis mini-boss guide: How to defeat the kraken

Learn how to send Charybdis back to the bottom of the sea
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Things have evidently gone awry on the surface in Hades 2: In their desperation to stop Chronos’ forces, the Olympians have given Poseidon permission to casually sink an entire area of Greece and add it to his watery domain. Not that it seemingly did much good – Chronos’ legions simply added ships to their arsenal and are still coming for Olympus.

On her quest to aid her relatives and lift the siege of their mountain home, Melinoë must brave a turbulent sea voyage and jump from one of Chronos’ ships to the next. On the way, she may be unfortunate enough to meet yet another old acquaintance of Odysseus: the monster Charybdis.

Let this sea creature not be an insurmountable obstacle on your journey with this Hades 2 Charybdis mini-boss guide.

Hades 2: How to beat Charybdis

Charybdis is pretty intimidating due to its size and the number of its tentacles, but the creature is less skilled at combat than the game’s bosses – it is merely a mini-boss, after all. We should get one thing clarified first: You can’t attack Charybdis’ main body, only its tentacles. Cutting down its fleshy appendages will reduce its health bar, eventually vanquishing it.

Charybdis’ tentacles have only a single attack in Phase 1: A wave attack that spreads out in a rectangular pattern, leaving some safe space for you at the corners and the bottom side. It’s recommended that you pick out the tentacles at one end of the arena to fight against in the first phase, as this minimizes the number of attacks that can reach you. 

Hades 2 screenshot showing Charybdis' tentacles.
Charybdis' tentacles are the main force you need to contend with. / Supergiant Games

After defeating the first few tentacles, the monster will retract them and shoot some projectiles at you, which can split up into smaller missiles and once more into even smaller ones, covering the map. Focus on your dodging or – if you have Hestia’s sprint – simply run into them to make them go up in smoke.

In Phase 2, Charybdis’ tentacles learn two new tricks: In melee range, they whirl around after a short charge-up animation, which gives you time to get away. At longer ranges, they can hurl a spear of light at you, which is relatively slow and can be evaded.

If you keep focused, the encounter with Charybdis isn’t going to be all too difficult as soon as you’ve recovered from the initial shock of its size and number of its tentacles. After the monster has been banished back into the depths, you can continue your voyage aboard Chronos’ ships towards Olympus – you’ll need to know how to defeat Eris in Hades 2 next.

Hades 2 screenshot showing Charybdis going down.
With Charybdis out of your way, your voyage can continue. / Supergiant Games

Hades 2: Best boons vs. Charybdis

Since some of Charybdis’ tentacles will bunch up during the battle, any splash damage you can do will be good – Apollo or Poseidon’s boons for your melee attacks are strong here, as are any damage upgrades for your cast. As mentioned, Hestia’s sprint is another solid pick-up, since it’ll allow you to ignore the creature’s projectiles – and it’ll come in handy against Eris as well.

For more options, check our best Hades 2 builds. Charybdis isn’t the only sea monster in the game either – learn how to defeat Scylla in Hades 2 in this boss guide for the Underworld route.

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