Honkai: Star Rail 2.2 achievements: all balloon locations

Time for another wave of balloon blasting

With Honkai: Star Rail update 2.2, we’ve finally reached the conclusion of the Penacony story arc and got another expansion to the Planet of Festivities with three new areas that can be explored. As has been the case with all regions of Penacony so far, each contains one hidden ballon that can be popped for an achievement and five Stellar Jade, the crucial in-game currency for pulls.

In version 2.2, players can earn the achievements Elysian Balloon, Second Balloon Eruption, and A Post-Balloon Odyssey by finding and popping the peculiar Boss Stone Balloons in Dreamflux Reef, Scorchsand Audition Venue, and Penacony Grand Theater. You can find all balloon-related achievement locations in Honkai: Star Rail 2.2 below.

Honkai: Star Rail – Elysian Balloon location

Honkai: Star Rail map showing the location of the ballon for the Elysian Balloon achievement.
You can pop the balloon for the Elysian Balloon achievement from this location. / HoYoverse

Take the public transport found in Dreamflix Reef to the "Rooftop" location and look out towards the North. You'll find a blue balloon floating below the distant shape of the Grand Theater, as shown in the cover image. Any character with decent range such as Bronya or Topaz will be able to reach it.

Honkai: Star Rail – Second Balloon Eruption location

Honkai: Star Rail map showing the location of the Second Balloon Eruption achievement.
You can pop the balloon for the Second Balloon Eruption achievement from this location. / HoYoverse

This balloon is basically hidden under your nose: Look down on your left side when you go to the first Audition Shuttle in the Scorchsand Audition Venue. It will float right below the gangway, ready to be popped by any ranged character.

Honkai: Star Rail screenshot showing a balloon.
This cheeky balloon is floating right below the edge of the gangway. / HoYoverse

Honkai: Star Rail – A Post-Balloon Odyssey location

Honkai: Star Rail map showing the entrance to a location related to the A Post-Balloon Odyssey achievement.
The hunt for A Post-Balloon Odyssey begins here in the Grand Theater. / HoYoverse

For the final balloon achievement in Honkai: Star Rail 2.2 you'll need to head to the Grand Theater after finishing the main story. You'll want to talk to a NPC named Aymille in the VIP room on the building's eastern wing to gain access to a different Dreamscape through the floating painting in this lounge.

Honkai: Star Rail map showing the location for the A Post-Balloon Odyssey achievement.
You can pop the Balloon for the A Post-Balloon Odyssey achievement from this location. / HoYoverse

Advance through the Dreamscape until you find yourself in the position shown above, then look below: You'll find a balloon floating in the distance.

Honkai: Star Rail screenshot showing the balloon related to A Post-Balloon Odyssey.
To pop this balloon, you'll need the assistance of an old friend from Jarilo-VI. / HoYoverse

Most characters won't be able to reach this balloon, no matter how hard they try. However, Natasha and her mighty grenade launcher can hit it with ease, thanks to the natural drop of the missile she's firing. Just stand a little away from the edge, as shown above, and aim for the balloon with a regular attack.

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