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Honkai: Star Rail – Gepard build and ascension guide

Check out the best Light Cones and Relics for Gepard in Honkai: Star Rail
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Defend your allies with the best Honkai: Star Rail Gepard build and become the bulwark your team can rally around. A most noble captain of Belobog’s Silvermane Guards, Gepard follows the Path of the Preservation and dishes out Ice Damage to his foes at bay.

His Skill, Daunting Smite, deals Ice Damage based on Gepard’s Attack against a single enemy. This move has a 65% base chance to Freeze that opponent, making it a somewhat reliable, though not completely consistent stun.

Gepard’s Ultimate, Enduring Bulwark, applies a shield to the entire allied team. A share of his Defense stat is added to a base value to determine how much damage this shield can absorb.

Honkai: Star Rail Gepard.

Belobog will stand as long as Gepard does.

Gepard himself is very hard to take down, as his Talent, Unyielding Will, enables him to survive a killing blow once per battle.

Eidolon 1 is an important one for Gepard, as it increases the base chance of freezing an enemy through his Skill to 100%, guaranteeing a stun on each use. You gain Eidolon levels by getting duplicates of a character. Level 2 further boosts his Skill, applying a Speed reduction to enemies coming out of a Freeze applied by Gepard. Level 4 grants all allies a 20% buff to their Effect Resistance and level 6 buffs Unyielding Will.

Honkai: Star Rail – Gepard: best Light Cones

Honkai: Star Rail contains a signature Light Cone for Gepard, which is called Moment of Victory.

It boosts the wearer’s Defense and Effect Hit Rate as well as increasing the wearer’s chance of being attacked, thus making them a team’s tank. The Light Cone provides even more Defense if its wielder is being attacked. Of course, Defense will strengthen Gepard’s shields, while Effect Hit Rate will make his Freeze a lot more reliable in case you don’t have Eidolon 1.

Best Light Cones for Gepard:

  • Moment of Victory (5-Star)
  • Texture of Memories (5-Star)
  • She Already Shut Her Eyes (5-Star)
  • Day One of My New Life (4-Star)
  • Trend of the Universal Market (4-Star)
  • Landau’s Choice (4-Star)
  • Amber (3-Star)

Honkai: Star Rail – Gepard: best Relics

Defense and HP should definitely be high on your priority list for Gepard. Since he can only shield allies with his Ultimate, you should look at boosting Energy Regeneration Rate as well. The rest depends on which Light Cone you’re using – if you don’t have Moment of Victory or Eidolon 1 at your disposal, you should increase your Effect Hit Rate through your Relics as well.

Best Relic Sets for Gepard:

  • Knight of Purity Palace (4) – +12% Defense, +20% damage absorption for shields created by the wearer.

Best Planar Ornaments for Gepard:

  • Belobog of the Architects (2) – +15% Defense, another +15% when the wearer’s Effect Hit Rate is 50% or higher.

Prioritize the following Relic and Planar Ornament stats for Gepard:

  • Head – HP (Primary), Defense %, Speed, Defense, HP %
  • Hands – Attack (Primary), Defense %, Speed, Defense, HP %
  • Body – Defense % (Primary), Speed, Defense, HP %, Effect Hit Rate % or Break Effect %
  • Feet – Speed (Primary), Defense %, HP %, Effect Hit Rate % or Break Effect %
  • Planar Sphere – Defense % (Primary), Speed, Defense, HP %, Effect Hit Rate % or Break Effect %
  • Link Rope – Energy Regeneration % (Primary), Defense %, Speed, Defense, HP %
Honkai: Star Rail Gepard.

Gepard is stalwart commander and can sustain his team through heavy resistance.

Honkai: Star Rail – Gepard: best teams

Gepard is a bit weird to use at the moment, since the reliability of his stun is somewhat locked behind getting a specific Light Cone or his Eidolon 1 and his shields only come into play through his Ultimate. Someone like March 7th is able to shield allies much more consistently. However, the right team can do a lot to get Gepard up to speed.

The Seele and Bronya core has the main damage potential of this team. What interests us is the interaction between Gepard and Tingyun. Tingyun is not only able to buff the Attack of allies, but can restore their Energy as well. While the damage buff from her Ultimate is kind of wasted on Gepard, the additional Energy allows you to achieve a much higher uptime on his shields, thus protecting your allies a lot more effectively.

Honkai: Star Rail – Gepard: ascension materials

Here’s everything you need to know to get Gepard ascended to the maximum level and upgrade all of his talents.

Gepard requires the following ascension materials to get to level 80 in addition to the necessary XP:

  • Credits x308,000
  • Silvermane Badge x15
  • Silvermane Insignia x15
  • Silvermane Medal x15
  • Horn of Snow x65

You can collect Silvermane Badges, Insignia, and Medals from Silvermane Guards and other enemies in the Outlying Snow Plains or the Corridor of Fading Echoes as well as the Simulated Universe. You can create or exchange them through the Omni-Synthesizer on the Astral Express, too. Silvermane Badges are one of the base materials you can easily farm through the Daily Assignments to your characters, making for a steady income of the material.

Horn of Snow is dropped by the Stagnant Shadow in the Corridor of Fading Echoes (so there is some synergy with his other materials) or gained through the exchange of similarly rare materials. The best source of Credits is the Great Mine's Golden Calyx.

Honkai: Star Rail Gepard.

Gepard's shield is near unbreakable, but you must get it up and running first.

Gepard requires the following materials to upgrade her combat abilities and Traces:

  • Credits x3,000,000
  • Silvermane Badge x41
  • Silvermane Insignia x56
  • Silvermane Medal x58
  • Endurance of Bronze x18
  • Oath of Steel x69
  • Safeguard of Amber x139
  • Guardian’s Lament x12
  • Tracks of Destiny x8

For the materials already mentioned, check above. Endurance of Bronze, Oath of Steel, and Safeguard of Amber are available from the Crimson Calyx in the Supply Zone. As usual, you can create the high-level materials by using lower-level materials in the Omni-Synthesizer on the Astral Express.

Guardian’s Lament is a rarer material only gained from the Echo of War (Everwinter Hill) domain, while Tracks of Destiny can be obtained during time-limited events, the Embers Exchange, the Nameless Honor, or as a Simulated Universe Points Reward.