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Honkai: Star Rail – Seele build and ascension guide

Check out the best Light Cones and Relics for Seele in Honkai: Star Rail
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The best Honkai: Star Rail Seele build focuses on the character’s offensive capabilities, giving you a truly lethal tool to use against any enemies you may encounter. The Underworld girl from below Belobog is a deadly opponent for anyone daring to face her. Following The Hunt, Seele is specialized at dishing out Quantum Damage against single targets.

Her Skill, Sheathed Blade, deals a solid amount of damage and boosts Seele’s Speed by 25% for two turns, letting her gain some tempo. Her Ultimate, Butterfly Flurry, allows her to enter a buffed state and deal a massive amount of damage to a single enemy.

Honkai: Star Rail Seele.

Seele debuted in version 1.0 as the best damage dealer at the time. She's aged well since then.

This enhanced state is not only available through her Ultimate: Whenever Seele kills an enemy, she enters the buffed state with increased damage and gains an extra turn immediately. This is what makes her such a formidable force on the battlefield.

Honkai: Star Rail – Seele: best Light Cones

Seele ultimately wants as much Attack, Critical Hit Rate, and Critical Hit Damage as she can get. Her signature Light Cone, In the Night, delivers on that front: It boosts the wearer’s Critical Hit Rate and for every ten points of Speed above 100 increases the wearer’s Attack and Skill Damage as well as the Critical Hit Damage of their Ultimate.

Since Seele can build up Speed through her Skill, this synergizes well with her kit – especially with Eidolon 2, which allows that Speed bonus to stack up to two times.

Best Light Cones for Seele:

  • In the Night (5-Star)
  • Cruising in the Sellar Sea (5-Star)
  • Sleep like the Dead (5-Star)
  • Only Silence Remains (4-Star)
  • Darting Arrow (3-Star)
Honkai: Star Rail Seele.

Sending enemies into the sea of butterflies is what Seele does best.

Honkai: Star Rail – Seele: best Relics

There are several solid Relic combinations that work on Seele and your choice will likely depend on which pieces offer the best sub-stats. The goal remains to buff Seele’s damage output to the maximum. You’ll see that for the Planar Ornaments, which make up two of the six Relics every character can wear, reaching certain thresholds on some stats is necessary to make full use of their effects.

Best Relic Sets for Seele:

  • Genius of Brilliant Stars (4) – +10% Quantum Damage, attacks against enemies with Quantum Weakness ignore 25% of Defense.
  • Musketeer of Wild Wheat (4) – +12% Attack, +10% Normal Attack Damage, and +6% Speed.

Best Planar Ornaments for Seele:

  • Rutilant Arena (2) – +8% Critical Hit Rate, +20% Basic Attack and Skill damage when the wearer’s Critical Hit Rate reaches 70%.
  • Firmament Frontline: Glamoth (2) – +12% Attack, +12%/18% more damage when the wearer's Speed reaches 135/160 or higher.
  • Space Sealing Station (2) – +12% Attack and another +12% Attack once the wearer’s Speed reaches 120 or higher.

Prioritize the following Relic and Planar Ornament stats for Seele:

  • Head – HP (Primary), Critical Hit Rate %, Critical Hit Damage %, Speed, Attack %
  • Hands – Attack (Primary), Critical Hit Rate %, Critical Hit Damage %, Speed, Attack %
  • Body – Critical Critical Hit Rate % (Primary), Critical Hit Damage %, Speed, Attack %, Break Effect %
  • Feet – Speed (Primary), Critical Hit Rate %, Critical Hit Damage %, Attack %, Break Effect %
  • Planar Sphere – Quantum Damage % (Primary), Critical Hit Rate %, Critical Hit Damage %, Speed, Attack %
  • Link Rope – Energy Regeneration Rate % (Primary), Critical Hit Rate %, Critical Hit Damage %, Speed, Attack %
Honkai: Star Rail Seele.

Seele had a rough upbringing, which makes her want to change things for future generations.

Honkai: Star Rail – Seele: best teams

Seele is primed for the Main DPS position on a team that has to deal with enemies weak to Quantum Damage.

This team focuses on maximizing the damage output of Seele in various ways. Bronya can buff her allies’ Attack and Critical Hit Damage in addition to manipulating the turn order in the team’s favor, which enables Seele to get into action again much quicker.

Asta is another solid Support character on a team around Seele, as she can boost allied characters’ Speed, allowing Seele to gain even more momentum. Finally, Bailu joins the fun as a healer to keep everyone healthy, though she can provide a small Damage buff as well as Energy Regeneration on higher Eidolon levels.

Natasha, Lynx, Huohuo, or Luocha are always a great alternative option for those without Bailu, while Tingyun or Yukong could provide useful buffs instead of Bronya or Asta. Shielders like Fu Xuan, March 7th, Gepard, and Trailblazer (Fire) are possible additions to this team as well to keep it safe from harm.

Honkai: Star Rail – Seele: ascension materials

Here’s everything you need to know to get Seele ascended to the maximum level and upgrade all of her talents.

Seele requires the following ascension materials to get to level 80 in addition to the necessary XP:

  • Credits x308,000
  • Thief’s Instinct x15
  • Usurper’s Scheme x15
  • Conqueror’s Will x15
  • Void Cast Iron x65

You can collect Thief’s Instinct, Usurper’s Scheme, and Conqueror's Will from enemies in Herta Space Station’s Storage and Supply Zones as well as the Simulated Universe. You can create or exchange them through the Omni-Synthesizer on the Astral Express, too. Thief’s Instinct is one of the materials you can easily farm through the Daily Assignments to your characters, making for a steady income of the material. The best source of Credits is the Great Mine's Golden Calyx. Void Cast Iron is dropped by Voidranger Tramplers, which you can find in the Stagnant Shadow (Base Zone) of Herta Space Station.

Honkai: Star Rail Seele screenshot.

Seele is a speedy and deadly combattant.

Seele requires the following materials to upgrade her combat abilities and Traces:

  • Credits x3,000,000
  • Thief’s Instinct x41
  • Usurper’s Scheme x56
  • Conqueror’s Will x58
  • Arrow of the Beast Hunter x18
  • Arrow of the Demon Slayer x69
  • Arrow of the Starchaser x139
  • Guardian’s Lament x12
  • Tracks of Destiny x8

For the materials already mentioned, check above. Arrow of the Beast Hunter, Arrow of the Demon Slayer, and Arrow of the Starchaser can be farmed in the Crimson Calyx on the Outlying Snow Plains. As usual, you can create the high-level materials by using up lower-level materials in the Omni-Synthesizer on the Astral Express.

Guardian’s Lament is rarer material only gained from the Echo of War (Everwinter Hill) domain, while Tracks of Destiny can be obtained during time-limited events, the Embers Exchange, the Nameless Honor, or as a Simulated Universe Points Reward.