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Best ninja games to play in 2024

Get ready to sprint across some rooftops as we hunt down the best ninja games to play right now

Elusive as a fleeting shadow, the best ninja games throw you into the role of a sword-swinging and kunai-flinging assassin, who sneaks over rooftops and stalks their prey in silence before striking precisely and quickly. The whole pop culture ninja stereotype is not really reflective of the historical definition, but that shouldn't stop you from getting your fill of entertainment as you satisfy your katana's thirst for blood.

Whatever kind of ninja you prefer – the sneaky ones, the slicy ones, or the futuristic shooty ones – our list of the best ninja games to play in 2024 has something in store for every taste. Unless you're one of those honorable samurai fools.

It can get a bit lonely when you sneak through the shadows by yourself, so it’s best to balance things out by joining some great multiplayer games once you've completed your mission.