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Palworld max bases: How many bases you can set up in Palworld

Maximum number of bases you can build in Palworld, and how to unlock them all
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One of the most important aspects of Palworld is your base. Setting up and upgrading your base is one of the driving factors behind everything you do in Palworld: you need to catch pals to work at your base, and you need to hunt/gather around Palpagos Islands to find the correct materials to continue your expansion.

Expanding is way easier when you have multiple bases, and that’s exactly what we’re here to explain. You can have more than one base in Palworld, and you’ll get access to more by upgrading your base level. For everything you need to know to set up your Palworld bases, just read through the details below.

Max number of bases in Palworld

A Palworld tamer is walking through a pasture filled with Lamball

You need more bases for more sheep.

The maximum number of bases you can build and manage in Palworld is three. You will always need to place these bases on flat terrain, and if you read our Palworld ore farm guide, you’ll know that placement is important.

Each base will be able to have the same number of pals assigned to that base, so make sure to catch plenty of useful and powerful creatures.

How to unlock all bases in Palworld

Mozzarina, a vital part of making Palworld cake, is standing on a dirty patch of ground with an expression of blissful contentment


You can increase the number of bases you can build by completing base missions and upgrading the base level.

  • At base level ten you will be able to build a second base.
  • At base level 15 you will be able to build a third base.

Be smart about your base placement, and remember you can dismantle a base and place it somewhere else if you need to. Just remember that it’ll be tough to transport all of your materials and items.