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You are looking for the best Thundurus (Incarnate Forme) counters in Pokémon Go? We’ve got you covered with the strongest monsters to field against this boss of the game’s 5-Star Raids. You may encounter a Shiny Thundurus during its current stint, which – aside from completing your Pokédex – is about the only reason you should engage with this battle, as it’s not relevant in PvP and sees only limited use in PvE.

We’re also still waiting for Forme Change being expanded to include Thundurus and the other members of its Legendary family. As of right now, you can’t freely change between the Incarnate and Therian Formes.

Best Thundurus (Incarnate) counters – Pokémon Go

Thundurus (Incarnate Forme) is a Flying- and Electric-type, making Rock and Ice equally strong counters. They hold each other in balance when it comes to the times they need to claim victory. Here are our recommendations:

  1. Mega Aerodactyl (Rock Throw, Rock Slide)
  2. Rampardos (Smack Down, Rock Slide)
  3. Rhyperior (Smack Down, Rock Wrecker)
  4. Galarian Darmanitan (Ice Fang, Avalanche)
  5. Mamoswine (Powder Snow, Avalanche)
  6. Tyrantrum (Rock Throw, Meteor Beam)
  7. Terrakion (Smack Down, Rock Slide)
  8. Mega Glalie (Frost Breath, Avalanche)
  9. Mega Abomasnow (Powder Snow, Weather Ball (Ice))
  10. Kyurem (Dragon Breath, Glaciate)
  11. Gigalith (Smack Down, Meteor Beam)
  12. Primal Kyogre (Waterfall, Blizzard)
  13. Tyranitar (Smack Down, Stone Edge)
  14. Glaceon (Frost Breath, Avalanche)
  15. Weavile (Ice Shard, Avalanche)

Thundurus (Incarnate Forme) commands 46,044 competition points (CP) as a raid boss, but is relatively easy to defeat, since its own moves can’t really do much to most of its counters. Two players at around level 40 with Pokémon of that strength from this list should be able to defeat this Legendary and collect the maximum amount of possible rewards. Just make sure you coordinate the usage of your mega evolutions.

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