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As announced on the recent Nintendo Direct, you can go onto Pokémon Scarlet & Violet any time between now and July 2, 2023, you can check out special raid dens to have a chance at getting a shiny Gimmighoul. This is currently the only way to get the shiny version of Gimmighoul in Scarlet & Violet, so you shouldn’t miss this chance.

We’ll take you through Gimmighoul’s moveset and pick out some good counters for this raid.

Shiny Gimmighoul raid moveset


We now know that the shiny odds for this Gimmighoul raid are 1/4103.5, which is the standard shiny odds for Tera raids. It isn't boosted like we had hoped, so you'll have to check out other easy methods for shiny Gimmighoul.

In this raid, the Gimmighoul can be any star rank from 1 to 5, so here is what you’ll be going up against for the 5-star Gimmighoul.

  • Level 75
  • Nature – Random
  • Tera-Type – Random
  • Held-Item – None
  • Moveset – Take Down, Shadow Ball, Hex, Power Gem, Nasty Plot

Shiny Gimmighoul raid counters

Hisuian Zoroark and Zorua

As the Tera-type is random, there are no hard counters for this raid. However, as we know its moveset, we know what types to avoid. Namely, anything that is weak to Ghost or Rock. Here are some suggestions that fit the bill and should take down Gimmighoul without too much trouble.


As a Grass/Dark-type, it resists all of Gimmighoul’s attacks, plus it has a decently wide movepool that can cover a variety of weaknesses, depending on what the Tera-type of your opponent is.

Hisuian Zoroark

Available via Pokémon HOME transfer, Zoroark’s Normal/Ghost-typing means that it resists Ghost-type moves. You’ll have little defense against Power Gem, but Gimmighoul is a weak enough foe that it shouldn’t be a worry.


Useful in just about any raid, Tinkaton can resist Power Gem with ease, and while it is neutral to Ghost-type moves, it can deal out such huge damage with Gigaton Hammer, that it doesn’t really matter.