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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Indigo Disk post-game checklist

A complete post-game checklist for everything to do in the Indigo Disk DLC for Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

As you may have expected if you have any experience with Pokémon games or the DLC for Sword & Shield, there is still plenty more to do in the Indigo Disk DLC after the credits have rolled. In fact, some pretty huge features in this particular DLC only become unlocked once you’ve beaten the main story that you’ll want to check out.

We’ve put this checklist together so you can make sure you’ve done it all before you put the game down.

Finish Terapagos’ quest and see a secret cutscene

Pokemon SV DLC Terapagos

Even after finishing the main quest, there is still a little more to do with Terapagos. First you need to head to Blueberry Academy’s Briar and get the book she’s written about all the goings on and developments of Terapagos.

Then, with Terapagos in your party, go to the Crystal Lake at the top of the mountain in Kitakami and you’ll get to see a special cutscene with a character you’re sure to recognize – wrapping up a loose thread from the main game’s story.

Unlock flight

Pokemon SV DLC Flying on Koraidon's back in Paldea

We already have a full guide on how to unlock flying in the Indigo Disk Pokémon DLC and it’s a fantastic feature, letting you fly on Koraidon/Miradon’s back freely in any of the game’s regions. However, you can’t do it until you’ve completed the main story, so get that done first.

Battle and trade with all of the Gym Leaders and Coaches

Pokemon SV DLC Iono

When you invite people to your clubhouse as coaches you’ll get the opportunity to have a full battle against them, as well as see some unique character interactions. Invite them all three times, and they’ll trade you a unique Pokémon on their fourth visit. If you do this with everyone, you’ll unlock one final guest and be able to get a Shiny Blitzle in the Indigo Disk Pokémon DLC.

Catch all the Starter Pokémon

Pokemon SV DLC Starter Pokemon

Every Starter Pokémon from Gens 1 through 8 are catchable in the Indigo Disk, but not right from the get-go. We’ve got the full details, including all of the locations for every starter in our guide for how to catch all the Starter Pokémon in the Indigo Disk Pokémon DLC.

Catch all the Legendary Pokémon

Pokemon SV DLC Legendaries

There are 25 different Legendary Pokémon from previous generations available to capture in this DLC all across Paldea. You’ll need to complete a lot of BBQs to do them though, so make sure you get working through that checklist and follow our guide for all of the legendary Pokémon locations in the Indigo Disk Pokémon DLC.

Complete Perrin’s quest and catch the Paradox Pokémon

Pokémon SV DLC Perrin

Along with all of the legendaries, there are four new Paradox Pokémon to find too, although only two are available in each version of the game. In Scarlet, you can get Gouging Fire and Raging Bolt, while in Violet you can get Iron Crown and Iron Boulder instead.

Complete the Pokedex and get the Mark Charm

Pokemon SV DLC Iron Boulder

As in the main game and Teal Mask DLC, completing the Pokédex can get you some sweet rewards. Alongside all of the Poké Balls and treasure items you get for certain milestones, completing it fully will earn you the Mark Charm – an item that increases the chances of encountering a Pokémon with a mark.