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Skull and Bones casting sand locations

Cast your lot

Finding Skull and Bones’ casting sand locations is a bit tougher than you might be used to in Ubisoft's open-world game since there’s no set location. Casting sand is something you find on other ships, and only one kind of ship in one specific area has the smithing material on board. You'll need a fair bit of it, as some advanced smithing and crafting blueprints require casting sand.

Our Skull and Bones casting sand guide points out where to look and offers some advice for how to get it easily so you can get your Blast Sloop and be on your way.

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Skull and Bones casting sand locations

A map image showing where to find casting sand in Skull and Bones

It's a busy area, which means you can't commit crimes without someone noticing.

You can’t harvest casting sand. You have to steal it instead, and – as far as we can tell at this point – only Ungawan merchant vessels on one set of trade routes have casting sand. We found it on all Ungawan merchant ships, regardless of what name the ship bore, though each typically only has one stack of casting sand.

Travel the trade routes north and south of Jiwe, from roughly Harufu to Pembe. Not every boat you encounter is an Ungawan merchant vessel, but most of them are. Use your telescope to identify what kind of vessel it is so you don't waste your time attacking a boat you don't need.

How to get casting sand in Skull and Bones

A Skull and Bones merchant vessel carrying casting sand

I spy

The tricky thing is that this area gets heavy traffic, and there’s a guard tower every few miles. Attacking one boat turns every Ungawan ship and tower against you, and it doesn’t take long to get overwhelmed. Make sure you’re at least level five and have upgraded cannons and a sturdy hull before farming casting sand.

If you can, try to board the enemy ship instead of just blowing it up. You have a chance of getting extra casting sand that way, though you might end up with extras of some other loot on board instead.

Finally, make sure to stop at Navigator’s Cross on the island marked above. Jiwe and Pembe don’t have docks for you, so this is your nearest Skull and Bones fast travel point in the region.