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Skull and Bones Sovereigns: How to farm S&B’s endgame currency quickly

Everything you need to know about Skull and Bones' elusive endgame currency

Skull and Bones’ economy features quite a few in-game currencies, and while you are already familiar with Silver and Pieces of Eight, a third currency, Sovereigns, which unlocks later in the game, could be somewhat puzzling.

Here’s everything you need to know about Sovereigns in Skull and Bones, how to earn them, and the best ways to farm them.

What are Sovereigns in Skull and Bones?

Sovereigns are the third currency in Skull and Bones, which you unlock later in the game, after reaching the Kingpin Infamy rank and completing the contract “A Nose for Business.”

Skull and Bones - A Nose for Business quest - Yanita Nara
The Helm Empire Overview screen is accessed from your desk at the Smuggler's Hideout.
Weekly leaderboard in Skull and Bones
Skull and Bones Black Market screen showing items that can be purchased with Sovereigns

How to get Sovereigns in Skull and Bones

Sovereigns in Skull and Bones are only earned by collecting specific amounts of Pieces of Eight, which moves you up on the Weekly and Seasonal Leaderboards. Spending Pieces of Eight doesn't affect your progress towards Sovereign milestones.

Weekly leaderboard in Skull and Bones
Skull and Bones Seasonal Leaderboard

Best ways to farm Sovereigns in Skull and Bones

Because Sovereigns are tied to Pieces of Eight, the only way to “farm” Sovereigns is to focus on activities that earn you the most Pieces of Eight. 

Once you’ve reached the endgame, there’s no point in earning Pieces of Eight in the less efficient ways you already know about.

Skull and Bones Manufactory takeover opportunities are marked with red icons on the Empire map and appear for a limited time.
Owning Manufactories on both ends of a trade route, boosts their output.
Supply runs increase production but require you to deliver raw materials to the Manufactory with your ship.
Skull and Bones Manufactory with full storage.
Skull and Bones Helm Wager

Now that you know how to earn Sovereigns as quickly as possible and what to do with them, you may want to check out our Pyromaniac Sambuk blueprint location guide. The blueprint requires a large sum of Pieces of Eight to purchase.