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Skull & Bones: every ship and how to get them

Every ship or boat (whatever you want to call them) in Skull & Bones and how to earn them for yourself

The pirate’s life entails many frivolities, but there is only one thing that makes it all possible: ships. Without our beautiful boats, we wouldn’t get very far at all, and that’s why it’s always important to have the right vessel for the task at hand. Sometimes speed is king, other times it’s the ability to withstand attacks, although usually, it’s all about dealing the damage.

Here is our full list of all ten ships (or boats, whatever) currently in Skull and Bones and how you can build them yourself.

Exeter’s Jolly Dhow - S&B

Skull and Bones promo art

This is the only ship in the game you don’t have to build, as it’s the glorified driftwood you get in the game’s tutorial area after starting your adventure.

Rammer Bedar - S&B

Once the tutorial’s over you’ll quickly be ushered around to build this much nicer ship that can actually protect you when sailing the seas. There is no rank requirement to unlock it, you just need to progress the main quest far enough.

You do have to craft it though, with these resources:

  • 20 Jute
  • 10 Acacia
  • 8 Bog Iron

Defender Hulk - S&B

Skull and Bones gameplay

This Tank ship has a staunch hull. You need to be at an infamy rank of Rover to purchase this ship from the Sacred Tree settlement.

It’s crafted with these materials:

  • 12 Fine Jute
  • 6 Bronze Ingots
  • 6 Iroko Planks

Sentinel Cutter - S&B

Currently the only support ship in the game, you can pick up the blueprint for this ship from Lanitra once you’re Rover rank or higher.

Here is the crafting recipe:

  • 12 Fine Jute
  • 6 Bronze Ingots
  • 6 Iroko Planks

Firebrand Barge - S&B

Skull and Bones launch key art

How to get the Firebrand Barge in Skull and Bones

Stepping up a bit, this feisty DPS ship can be bought from Kaa Mangrove when you reach Buccaneer rank.

It’s crafted with these materials:

  • 8 Fine Hemp
  • 8 Mopane Planks
  • 4 Cobalt Ingots
  • 4 Fine Linens

Blaster Sloop - S&B

How to get the Blaster Sloop in Skull and Bones

The Blaster Sloop has more than one way to get it. While it can be purchased by Buccaneer rank players at the Sunken Goldmine, it can also be earned by completing the main mission The Devil’s Gambit.

You’ll need the following to build it:

  • 8 Cobalt Ingots
  • 8 Fine Hemp
  • 4 Casting Sand
  • 4 Lime

Bombardier Padewakang - S&B

Skull and Bones ghost ship Maangodin

How to get the Bombardier Padewakang in Skull and Bones

Stepping things up again, once you hit Brigand rank you can sail out to Telok Penjarah to buy the blueprint for this ship.

It can be built with these resources:

  • 19 Ironwood Plank
  • 15 Steel Ingot
  • 15 Fine Ramie
  • 4 Shellac
  • 4 Crude Saltpeter

Vanguard Snow - S&B

This higher-tier tank ship is another that can be earned during the main questline by completing the Nightfall Missives mission. Or, once you’ve hit Corsair rank you can buy it from the Khmoy Estate.

It requires a lot of materials though:

  • 13 Ironwood Plank
  • 12 Zinc Ingot
  • 12 Fine Abaca
  • 12 Juniper Plank
  • 12 Steel Ingot
  • 2 Sheet Glass
  • 2 Screw Mechanism

Hulkbreaker Brigantine - S&B

Skull and Bones Closed Beta 2 reward Welcome Firework

Rise all the way to the lofty rank of Cutthroat and you can pick up this blueprint from the Ruined Lighthouse. It’s the fastest ship in the game as well as one of the strongest.

Here’s how to build it:

  • 14 Roselle Cloth
  • 13 Greenheart Plank
  • 12 Magnetite Ingot
  • 4 Shellac
  • 4 Crude Saltpeter
  • 2 Sheet Glass
  • 2 Torsion Spring

Pyromaniac Sambuk - S&B

How to get the Pyromaniac Sambuck in Skull and Bones

Also at Cutthroat rank, the Pyromaniac Sambuk is a little harder to get a hold of, as it’s locked behind the black market. It is an incredibly powerful DPS ship though.

  • 15 Greenheart Plant
  • 15 Magnetite Ingot
  • 12 Roselle Cloth
  • 4 Wood Tar
  • 4 Cogwheel
  • 2 Torsion Spring
  • 1 Eel’s Twine