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Skull and Bones Welcome Firework: How to claim the reward, and why is it locked

Why is the Welcome Firework locked even if you've played the Skull and Bones Open Beta

Skull and Bones is now available to Premium Edition owners and Ubisoft+ Premium subscribers on PC ahead of its launch. Players who have purchased the more expensive version and have participated in the closed and open betas, have plenty of rewards to claim the first time they log in.

One particular reward, the Skull and Bones Welcome Firework, is locked for some players, though, so you might be confused as to why you can’t claim it.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Skull and Bones Welcome Firework reward, how to unlock it, and more importantly, why you may not be eligible to get it.

How to claim the Welcome Firework in Skull and Bones

The Skull and Bones Welcome Firework is a special reward available only to players who participated in the second Closed Beta of Skull and Bones in December 2023, and have used up their entire six-hour time limit during that beta.

The time-limited second Closed Beta took place on December 15-18, 2023, and is a different event with different rewards from the Open Beta, which happened on February 8-11, 2024, and wrapped up just a day before the early access period launched.

To claim the Welcome Firework on PC, open Ubisoft Connect, go to Skull and Bones, and select Rewards. The reward will appear at the bottom of the list, after the S&B Fan Kit. Claim it and then launch the game.

Skull and Bones Welcome Firework reward locked in Ubisoft Connect

It's very easy to claim the Welcome Firework via Ubisoft Connect, but you may not be eligible for the reward.

On consoles, launch Skull and Bones and open the Ubisoft Connect overlay from the game’s main menu. Select the game and then Rewards, and you’ll find it at the end of the reward list.

Why is the Welcome Firework locked in Skull and Bones

The Welcome Firework is an exclusive reward for Skull and Bones Closed Beta 2 participants who have played the December 2024 beta test for a full six hours. At the time of writing, the description of the reward in Ubisoft Connect erroneously states that participation in the February 2024 Open Beta is required to claim it.

Skull and Bones Welcome Firework reward in Ubisoft Connect

The description in Ubisoft Connect incorrectly says that the Welcome Firework is an Open Beta reward.

Unfortunately, this is not the case, so if you’ve only played the recent Open Beta, but not the second Closed Beta, you’re not eligible for this reward. Having played Closed Beta 2 for less than six hours also locks you out of the reward.

Now that the confusion around the Welcome Firework is cleared, you may want to check out our Skull and Bones FAQ, if you have more questions about the game.