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Starfield: New Atlantis location and guide

New Atlantis' location in Starfield, plus the points of interest you should check out while you're there

Starfield’s massive galaxy isn’t always the easiest to navigate, and when you don’t have quest markers pointing the way, it’s easy to forget which crucial locations are in which star systems. New Atlantis is the main hub city in the game. It’s home to the Constellation Lodge, so you’ll be returning to it throughout the entire main story, and you’ll want to come back here regularly for supplies.

To make sure you can always find your way home, we’ll show you New Atlantis’ location as well as a few important points of interest in the city.

New Atlantis location – Starfield

Starfield Star Map Alpha Centauri system

New Atlantis is on the planet Jemison in the Alpha Centauri system. It’s the closest system to the Sol system if you need a nearby reference point. The city is split into four different districts, and once you’ve discovered each one, you can fast-travel there directly from the star map, as well as the Lodge.

What to do in New Atlantis – Starfield

Starfield screenshot of New Atlantis.

Aside from Constellation’s main base, there are side quests galore in New Atlantis. Going into just about every shop and talking to every named character will result in getting a task to complete.

This is also where you can start the UC Vanguard questline by talking to the commander on at the desk in the lobby. Also, if you’re feeling in a more criminal mood, you can quite easily start Starfield's Crimson Fleet questline in New Atlantis too.

Jemison Mercantile – Where to sell stuff in Starfield

Starfield Jamison Mercantile

Jemison Merchantile is a store in the spaceport where you can buy ship parts in Starfield and buy Digipicks in Starfield very easily. If you're looking for somewhere to sell your (legal) items like weapons and spacesuits, Jemison Mercantile is the easiest place to go as it has a decent amount of cash to buy things with.

It's not the only place though, as the Trade Authority in The Well provides a similar service, although they will also let you sell contraband in Starfield. Popping up to the commercial district will get you more specialized stores, like ones for clothing, weaponry, and ammo.

This is just one part of a huge galaxy though, so check out our Starfield walkthrough for more.