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If you want to build the monster exhibit in TOTK’s Tarrey Town, you’ll first need to free up President Hudson by completing a side adventure called Mattison’s Independence. Once you’ve kicked the quest off properly, you’ll be tasked with obscuring Haggie’s line of sight.

Haggie is the lift operator in Tarrey Town and he wants to charge everyone money to use the contraption (if you want to make rupees fast in TOTK, we have a guide for that). Unfortunately, you can’t just pay Mattison’s way and need to come up with a solution that allows her to sneak past so she can visit her papa at the construction site.

Obscure Haggie’s line of sight Tears of the Kingdom


The first step of this quest is to find items that can block his view. The easiest way to do this is the get into the storehouse located directly behind him. However, the door is blocked because nothing worth doing in this life is ever easy.

Glide down the mountain behind the building and you’ll find a cave entrance. Make your way through it until you come to a dead end with a raised platform. Stand on the platform and use your Ascend ability and you’ll pop right out in the storeroom.

Move the Hudson cutout from the door and head outside, where Mattison’s mum will thank you for unlocking the storehouse. She’ll also move the cutouts to prevent it from happening again. This is how you win.

Take the four Hudson cutouts near Haggie, but don’t get too close to the raised platform he’s standing on because he’ll tell you off and you’ll have to start again. Lay two of the cutouts flat next to each other and connect them together using Ultrahand.

Next, take another cutout and connect this to one side with a slight angle. Do the same on the other side. Here’s an image of how they should look – a bit like a folding screen. 

Place the cutouts like this to obscure Haggie's view in TOTK. 

Place the cutouts like this to obscure Haggie's view in TOTK. 

Place the screen upright in front of him and speak to Mattison, telling her it’s safe to use the elevator.

After that, you can join her and Hudson on the construction site. He’ll ask you for 10 Sundelions, which can be easily found on sky islands. Once you’ve handed them over, you can complete the quest.

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