Wuthering Waves: Mortefi build and materials guide

Find the best weapons and Echoes for Mortefi in Wuthering Waves
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Vent your frustrations with the best Wuthering Waves Mortefi build and drown your enemies in flames. This 4-Star Fusion character is an excellent hybrid type that can serve as Sub DPS to some of the most powerful damage dealers in the game.

His Resonance Skill, Passionate Variation, unleashes a chain of flame lightning in front of him that deals Fusion Damage.

Mortefi’s Resonance Liberation, Violent Finale, deals Fusion Damage and applies the Burning Rhapsody effect to all party members. This allows Mortefi to make a Coordinated Attack when the active character’s Basic Attack hits a target or an even stronger one if it’s a Heavy Attack.

His Forte allows him to stack up Annoyance, which replaces his Resonance Skill with Draconic Hellfire upon hitting 100. This consumes all Annoyance stacks to deal even more Fusion Damage than the regular Resonance Skill. One of his Inherent Skills boosts the damage of Draconic Hellfire after Passionate Variation has been used, while another passive ability boosts the damage dealt by Mortefi’s Coordinated Attacks.

Mortefi’s Intro Skill simply deals Fusion Damage, while his Outro Skill grants the next Resonator additional Heavy Attack Damage.

Filling out his Resonance Chain by obtaining duplicates is a good way of bolstering his abilities. Sequence Node 1 (S1) allows Mortefi to additionally launch Coordinated Attacks when allies hit enemies with their Resonance Skill when Burning Rhapsody is in effect. S2 regenerates some Resonance Energy for Mortefi after he uses his Echo Skill, while S3 raises the Critical Rate of his Coordinated Attacks and S4 extends the duration of Burning Rhapsody. S5 enables Mortefi to make Coordinated Attacks when his own Resonance Skills hit enemies and S6 provides a buff to the entire team’s Attack after casting his Resonance Liberation.

Best Mortefi weapons – Wuthering Waves

Mortefi wants as much offensive power as he can get, but you’ll need to balance that with solid Energy Regeneration to get his crucial Resonance Liberation up and running. 5-Star pistol Static Mist is perfect for this purpose, providing an Energy Regeneration bonus and more Critical Rate. In addition, the weapon comes with an Attack buff for the character being switched in after the wielder, which is perfect for Mortefi’s role in the team.

Best Mortefi weapons in Wuthering Waves:

  • Static Mist (5-Star)
  • Novaburst (4-Star)
  • Undying Flame (4-Star)
  • Cadenza (4-Star)
  • Pistols of Voyager (3-Star)
Wuthering Waves Mortefi screenshot.
Mortefi usually uses his mind as a weapon, but sometimes a gun will need to suffice. / Kuro Games

Best Mortefi Echoes – Wuthering Waves

Mortefi’s prime purpose is to boost the next character’s power, so Moonlit Clouds is the best Sonata Effect for him: It provides additional Energy Regeneration to allow for quicker casting of his Resonance Liberation and bolsters the Attack of the next Resonator to take the field. The Impermanence Heron is his most suitable Main Echo for the same reason, contributing another damage buff for the swapped-in character as well as some Resonance Energy for Mortefi.

With so much Energy Regeneration gained through other means, you should get away with only having it on your Echoes as a sub stat, which enables you to have offensively minded attributes in the main stat slots. This will allow you to maximize the damage Mortefi’s Coordinated Attacks do.

Best Mortefi Echoes in Wuthering Waves:

  • Sonata Effect: Moonlit Clouds (5-Set)
  • Main Echo: Impermanence Heron

Best Echoes main stats for Mortefi in Wuthering Waves:

  • 4 Cost: Critical Rate or Critical Damage
  • 3 Cost: Fusion Damage
  • 3 Cost: Fusion Damage
  • 1 Cost: Attack %
  • 1 Cost: Attack %

Best Echoes sub stats for Mortefi in Wuthering Waves:

  • Energy Regeneration, Critical Rate, Critical Damage, Attack %, Resonance Liberation Damage
Wuthering Waves Mortefi screenshot.
Mortefi is an excellent early pick-up for your team. / Kuro Games

Best Mortefi teams – Wuthering Waves

Mortefi is crucial to unlocking the full potential of some of the game’s damage dealers, providing really strong buffs, powerful Coordinated Attacks, and solid personal DPS with little required field time.

  • Jiyan (Main DPS), Mortefi (Hybrid), Verina (Support)

Mortefi is the ideal partner for Jiyan or other Main DPS characters who rely on their Heavy Attack, such as Jianxin and Danjin. You’ll want to send Mortefi out ahead of the Main DPS, activating his Resonance Liberation and host of buffs before swapping in the real star of the show. As always, you’ll want to round the party out with Verina or Baizhi for their healing and additional buffs.

Wuthering Waves Mortefi screenshot.
With Mortefi in the Sub DPS role, you can maximize the damage dealt by your Main DPS. / Kuro Games

Mortefi ascension materials – Wuthering Waves

Once Mortefi has joined your team, you’ll want to level him up as quickly as possible, for which you’ll require the following materials:

  • LF Whisperin Core x4
  • MF Whisperin Core x12
  • HF Whisperin Core x12
  • FF Whisperin Core x4
  • Rage Tacet Core x46
  • Coriolus x60
  • Shell Credits x170,000

Whisperin Cores are a common material dropped by the Tacet Discords roaming the map. Rage Tacet Cores can only be gained from challenging the Inferno Rider, the boss you can find in the Sea of Flames. Coriolus exclusively grows in Dim Forest. The best source of Shell Credits is the Simulation Challenge you can tackle at the Training Ground in Jinzhou.

In addition to leveling Mortefi up, you’ll need to upgrade all of his skills. For this, you’ll need the following materials:

  • LF Whisperin Core x25
  • MF Whisperin Core x28
  • HF Whisperin Core x40
  • FF Whisperin Core x57
  • Impure Phlogiston x25
  • Extracted Phlogiston x28
  • Refined Phlogiston x55
  • Flawless Phlogiston x67
  • Monument Bell x26
  • Shell Credits x20,300,000

For the materials already mentioned, check above. Impure Phlogiston and its upgrades can be farmed in the Forgery Challenge: Marigold Woods, which is accessible from the Guidebook, or purchased from Uncle Wei in Jinzhou in limited quantities. Monument Bells are dropped by the Bell-Borne Geochelone living in the Tolling Stream.

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